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Blue Horn not showing during Blood Crow Event



  • Same problem here. People cant even see attack in travel overview.
    lola-bailey @ en 1
  • Kimmyjp67 (US1)Kimmyjp67 (US1) US1 Posts: 126
    When you refresh often you can get the horn..and map with show but it wont show the composition

    Only the red horn can see it correctly..but that means the player must be on:(

    We are taking turns refreshing and call the horns out in chat
    Kimmyjp67 @ usa 1
  • Rakan (SKN1)Rakan (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 236
    what is the meaning of "TEST SERVER" hint hint hint...
    Rakan @ skn 1
  • YEOMANS (GB1)YEOMANS (GB1) GB1 Posts: 14
    Yeh GGE - give us all abunch of rubies to pay for this f**k-up. And get it sorted fast!
  • me291175 (GB1)me291175 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 27
    yes what a night mare having to refresh page all the time
    me291175 @ en 1
  • would it be too much to ask, for GGE to just not screw the damn game up anymore than it already is? Damn, this is unreal!!!
  • A.M.17 (INT1)A.M.17 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 71
    Just relog every 10-15 mins and it'll be alright

    we can\t expect this game to be perfect 24/7

    just ride it out until we hear something :)
  • Blue horn not showing for us either. Also if you give defense advise you will have to refresh again once you see the horn so it will show you the incoming. This is a major problem with this event. I thought it was agreed not to do updates before a weekend so this doesn't happen?
    ladykailea @ usa 1
  • $20 says they stop the crows early to sort out what's gone wrong.
    Sir Tainted @ au1

    Humanity has proven again just how well a switch set up in a cave, with a big sign that says 'Do Not Touch' wouldn't even allow time for the paint to dry...
  • cariad (GB1)cariad (GB1) GB1 Posts: 25
     Same problem with my alliance .  Some of the members can see the attacks  but others  cannnot 
    cariad @ en 1
  • victor (GB1)victor (GB1) GB1 Posts: 12
    If you stay online new attacks on alliance members do not show on blue horn. Only solution is to keep logging out and in again then they show. Have raised it with support.
    victor @ en 1
  • In the Hungary we have the same problem!!!   >:)  :'(
    this is a game wide glitch ... refresh your game often .  The horns are not showing once you log in and they do not show in the travel screen either..
    GGE needs to stop doing these f***ng updates on Fridays... if there's a problem, there's nobody to address it until Monday..


    Élj merészen. Feszegesd a határaidat. Ne érd be kevéssel.

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