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ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE


"We never bow,
  We never follow,
  We never Forgive,
   We never forget!"


                              WELCOME TO UAL II -


Lvl 50 alliance,Ual Family,Top 10 in all fields,65 Members, 5 lvl 70+800 players, avg mp:12,165,021
Currently not Recruiting
But Welcomes all Experienced and Hard working players From all servers to place in our wings.
Contact: @SandeshKaranth, @Samir_Sparta , @Warrior_lord ingame for invitation to our wings,or if you are good enough to our main alliance.

We Offer:
Support sppeed+390%
Market Barrows-Travel Speed+260%
Donation bonus+160%
Wartime Looting Bonus+100%
Attack Travel Speed+100%
Level 15 Alliance Smithy
All Other Perks will be on when we need them
All Family Alliances With Fully Developed Alliance City
Plus you will be eligible to move to other Top alliances of the server for Winner Event Rewards(only if you score well).
Our Family includes The Top Alliances of the Server

     Lvl 50+
     Top 200 LOOT rank
     Very Active

     Won NOBILITY at least ONCE
     Should Donate resources when needed


     Level  30+
     Top 800 LOOT rank
     Participates well in events
     Should Donate When needed



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I am, indeed,
 A King,
because I know how to rule myself

General of UAL II @ India1 server
level 70+
Guardian Of The Sword



  • lol TWP
    "What doesn't kill me, just makes me stronger"

    "A hero can go anywhere, challenge anyone, as long as he has the nerve to do so"

    Royal Guardian Techie5879 the Remorseless
    Level 70 | Legendary Level: 59 | 565k PP 
    Proud General of Drunken Fist
    Yeah, we won Royal Capital two times from the day we started in Asia

    UltimateAlex @ IN1
    Yeah, we won the Royal capital the first two times when it was held
    Also, storm winner @ IN1 with 1.3M cargo :)

    Something for you all......

    That about sums it up :)
  • the most weak alliance >:)
  • shadowmaster (IN1)shadowmaster (IN1) Posts: 26
    edited 04.01.2017
    the most weak alliance >:)
    I Wonder what makes you say that,seriously bro you are level 20(if you are not a false a/c) and without an alliance. :(

    I am, indeed,
     A King,
    because I know how to rule myself

    General of UAL II @ India1 server
    level 70+
    Guardian Of The Sword


  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
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    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • king24 (IN1)king24 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 167
    Hi shadow.
    Live and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

    Proud member of  Godz of War (GOW) 3  -IN 1

    It doesn't get any more closer than this :P 

  • yes hello
    Hi shadow.

    I am, indeed,
     A King,
    because I know how to rule myself

    General of UAL II @ India1 server
    level 70+
    Guardian Of The Sword


  • shadow master i am from 7pts a part of chv family and as deputy of 7pts

                    A Player Of GGE
                                                                      One of the Big player in India1
  • shadowmaster (IN1)shadowmaster (IN1) Posts: 26
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    shadow master i am from 7pts a part of chv family and as deputy of 7pts
    Yes Bro so...... :neutral: , are you wanting to leave Chv and join Ual family

    I am, indeed,
     A King,
    because I know how to rule myself

    General of UAL II @ India1 server
    level 70+
    Guardian Of The Sword


  • UAL RUFFIAN's  -- a short story. . .

    UAL Group is one of those alliances which either people should join ASAP or leave the server where they play. They have players of level 70+800 and a lot of them and these players hit / sabotage / threatens small players with as low as less than level 30 experience. They attack these small players and when player try to hit back they sabotage them a dozen times in a row so that player will permanently leaves the game for never to return not even on another server or with another account. They are the true warriors of the dark black nights, who take pleasure in dismay others. They feel proud in demoralizing small players and a hero of the white warriors named jaja has strong belief that their leaders really don't care, whatever the case maybe.

    The story starts from here, long long ago (maybe 2 weeks  :p), in The Great Empire, one day the lowlife warriors of UAL came out of their caves and started inviting active players on the server, but those noble souls never got the motives behind these invitations, before those noble souls can even decide on the invitation, these lowlifes started attacking them. One of those noble souls, the great hero of the white warriors known as jaja, gave one lowlife a a hit back. As he ordered his brave men to fight against the dark evil, they created a small company of 300+ sols and started marching towards the main castle of the lowlife who attacked on our hero jaja's assets. In return, our hero jaja got threatening messages from the GREAT UAL for withdrawing the troops or facing the consequences. Our brave hero replied to one message that, he is only returning the hits, but they foul souls didn't understanded or maybe don't wanted to understand because of all the power they hold they might stop seeing small things. The brave troops of our great hero fought with 14000+ sols, yes you are reading right, they are mere 300 and fought with 14000, and lost their lives in the process for the bright light of the day. Another dark day in the history of the GGE added, no one ever apologized for the loss of these poor souls. Instead, those lowlifes started sabotaging the assets of our great hero jaja. When our hero contacted the member of the UAL group who offered him the membership, he told that he don't know anything and neither interested in knowing anything. GREAT!!!! The same invitation and attacking process our hero faced two more times, recently yesterday at the EVER WINTER lands, where he landed only 2-3 days ago, they attacked him after inviting him, like someone stab in the back but no worries. Our brave hero jaja will face everything until he get tired very tired, so that he'll leave GGE forever like many others, never to come back.

    The invitation of UAL is like the contract of rumpelstiltskin of shrek movie, it is irresistible but will consume you as a whole. Our great and brave hero jaja is fighting against this so called great gang of rogue members. With their unethical and unprincipled acts they are killing the IN1 server of GGE. Hopefully, this server will survive and revive from from the totalitarian rule of the UAL group.

    NOTE: The story is purely inspired by real life personal experiences gained at INDIA1 server of GGE.

    UAL RUFFIAN's  -- a short story. . . By- jaja :smile:

    Life is like a GAME, Enjoy it WHILE YOU CAN!!! >:) 
    O===][::::::::::::::::::> KING jaja  <:::::::::::::::::::][===O

  • Legend123Legend123 Posts: 29
    edited 05.03.2017
    Shield Crusher/King legend123 the Vicious
    Lvl 65, 194k might.

  • Royal Guardain/Sheild chrusher/king DEEP GASTER the conquerer/the ravager

    and the number 8th in bermoid
    and the claw king title holder

  • need an invitation of chv i am in rr and no one of chv is replying

  • hi shadowmaster

    i was from fe but due to the demotion of me while asked for the reason they abused me so i left their family and joined in chv i want to be in a good winning allliance

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