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USA1 War History

So I have been wanting to make a list of all of the major and note-worthy wars that have been fought on USA1 throughout the years. I have been in this game for quite awhile, but have restarted several times, and have never been in any of the big battles. I don't have a whole lot of knowledge, but I would like all of the older players to comment if they have info to share, and I will piece together a list. 

What I would like to have:
1. Dates
2. Allainces involved
3. Reason the war was started (Try to keep this unbiased, PLEASE)
4. Winners/Losers
5. Major moments in the conflict (Property won, deals made, ect.)
6. Any other info you feel is relevant.

I dont know all of the wars that have taken place, but I would love to get to know about them all.For example I remeber a little about the Collective war, and remember the beginning and end of the HIVE war. 

One last thing. This thread is for sharing of history only. Keep your petty arguing out of here please. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a constructive way.



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