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how to use recourse vilages


  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,993
    how to use recourse vilages
    they increase production of resources in that kingdom's castle
  • Once you've occupied one, the resources in that kingdom that correspond to that RV type will automatically be increased by the rvs percentage. You do not enter it or ship anything to/from them.
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  • Shadow_21 (AU1)Shadow_21 (AU1) Posts: 1,370AU1
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  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,861AU1
    @Shadow_21 (AU1) you can have only 5 per type in ice in sands 10 and in fire peaks 10 as well as far as I am aware although some older players may have more since the maximum cap was only introduced a few years ago.

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  • how to use recourse vilages
    If you are very lucky, you can find some empty ones on the map but don't even bother, just steal them from other, weaker players. :wink:

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