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Problems with logging into the game 10/02/2017



  • wizmcfc (GB1)wizmcfc (GB1) GB1 Posts: 18
    outstanding effort  just got on .                                                     Greedy Gits Suck
    lost 15k troops
    1st place in wheel of fortune event lost

    nomad troops lost from buying with tokens, horrors lost buying offers .
    whole weekend with saved troops wasted f joke!

    wizmcfc @ en 1
  • I cannot log in, I didn't log in in that time though.
  • i had this issue earlier on firefox and internet explorer i wiped my cache through firefox settings and ctrl+f5 on loading screen and it logged me in now works on i.e too hope this helps.
  • wizmcfc (GB1)wizmcfc (GB1) GB1 Posts: 18
    put in a ticket and wait 3 weeks for a answer.

    should of never come back!
    wizmcfc @ en 1
  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) GB1 Posts: 352
    After 10 hours of clearing cache and playing with three different browsers, finally in and playing on MS edge for no readily apparent reason why it decided to work now and not the n million times before.... good luck everyone
  • Johnny40 (AU1)Johnny40 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 45
    same deal here, computer restarted for update and cant log back in. Anyone have an idea when this issue might be resolved.
    Johnny40 @ au 1
  • Kimmyjp67 (US1)Kimmyjp67 (US1) US1 Posts: 126
    I cant believe they would not only go home but for the weekend??? Say it is not so???
    Kimmyjp67 @ usa 1
  • 22:48 (UK) - Still can't log in. I've spent £25 to buy rubies yesterday and get some horrors as a bonus. All attackers must be starved to dead now. How about compensation?
  • ppp919 (GB1)ppp919 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3
    got in using puffin browser
  • Johnny40 (AU1)Johnny40 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 45
    Are there any techos reading this or is it just a waste of time. Same deal oiling the chain. All the methods of cache, other login site, flash, restart don't work. Strange how we are supposed to find the fix when obviously at their end. Good luck all. :smile:
    Johnny40 @ au 1
  • Its been at least 11hrs since i first tried to log in and still cant get on line.  Have searched all coments to try and log in and failed bigstyle.  what another joke by GGE to let all staff leave for the weekend when there is a seriouse problem for many who play this game and pay for your so called services
    Critical @ en 1
  • jonesydeath (GB1)jonesydeath (GB1) GB1 Posts: 215
    Theres no one to give us any sort of update, not even a were not sure sorry...

    But they have time to delete my post on it


    How is this legit ggs... you cant leave your customers like this, when you publicise, advertise and commercialise then you should be obligated to provide us a service. and still nothing even posted...
    Odins Fury - The legend lives on

    When you dare with me,
    You dare with Death.
  • Over 4.5K veiws, shows how many players are affected by this problem, GGE sort this out soon please
    Critical @ en 1
  • jon1 (AU1)jon1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 4
    I can log in now. Thank you
  • Still oiling my chain....or yanking it!
  • so pissed off with lack of support from GGE may as well log off at least this is more than available than logging on
    Critical @ en 1
  • revenger (GB1)revenger (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    well i have fun tryin to get on since 3pm and now givin up all troops are dead will try over weekend but unhappy thanks gge makin the game sooooooo much fun not
  • Johnny40 (AU1)Johnny40 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 45
    You would think if they all have the weekend off they'd teach the cleaners how to fix the bugs so everyones up and running on the weekends.
    Johnny40 @ au 1
  • Golden Rain UK1
    Like a lot of other players I cannot login either I have latest Adobe etc. The opening sequence gets as far as oiling the chains and that is it. Probably all troops on starvation diet by know! 
  • wotto (AU1)wotto (AU1) AU1 Posts: 5
    well still cant get on tryed all youre solutions and links none of them have worked so whats the deal roll back the changes you have made and fix this ship . ps is everyone thats locked out running windows 10 cos people in my alliance are on and i know 2 of them dont run windows 10 
    wotto @ au 1
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