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Idea for New Building

Building Name:  Clock Tower

Building Functions:
a)  Provide a way to convert time skips between denominations.
b)  Provide a way to skip using an exact amount of time (instead of a fixed denomination).
c)  Provide a way to generate and store additional time bonuses without straining the current database architecture of the time-skip.

Suggest some levels of the building be buildable with resources (including exotics), and higher levels with Rubies
Suggest each level increases time capacity, time bonus generation, public order of the building, and decreases conversion penalty between time in the bank and a time-skip.
Or possibly higher levels open up additional abilities (ability to turn on "automatic time skipping", "automatic time-skip to time-bank conversion", etc.- or these could be additional research options).

Benefits to the players, GGE, and the community:
a)  Reduced clicking... anyone who has ever needed to skip 30 minutes when all they have are 1 minute skips will thank you.

b)  Possible way to simplify and standardize the time skip interface throughout the game (dialog shows you skipping with your clock tower time bank, time-skips could be converted automatically).  No more scrolling among time-skip choices, No more mis-clicking and using a 5 or 24 hour skip when you only wanted to skip 30 min or 1 hour.  No more issues with the number of time-skip objects taking up space in the database.

c)  Increased strategic and tactical options.  If you are going for a nomad win, build up your time-bank.  Don't overflow your 10 min skips anymore because you can use them to fill your 30 min, 1hr, and 5hr skips.  If you can skip the exact time and not have to use time-skip denominations, then commander eq could be retooled to go for fastest cool-down times vs. least loss vs. minimum tool usage commanders.

d)  Eliminate the irritation of missing a bonus because your alliance hit nomads so fast that the bonus 5-hr skips overflowed your capacity before you even logged in for the day.

The picture can either be a representation of Big Ben, or the clock tower from "Back to the Future", or just some other building with a clock on it.  Recommended size 5x5 or 5x10.

southguy @ usa 1


  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) Posts: 2,232ASIA1

    You complain about having your alliance earn them before you even wake up.

    Tip: use all of them before Nomads startt. 180 spaces for skips which is almost the same as what you get.

    I don't see why you can't spend 40 seconds on skipping,  maybe reducing the lag would be a more efficent idea...

    With mis clicks that is just a player fault that isn't even a real concern to a majority of players.
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    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

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  • yes i agree with dark venom no need for them
  • I think this is an amazing idea. The developers have been tinkering with time skips anyway, I see no problem with this being the feature that allows you to convert lower level skips to higher ones.

    I'm not a fan of the "pick your duration " feature because it changes a balancing portion of the skips but the decrease in server strain and the increased functionality is great IMO.

    I hate to see people dismiss stuff so quick when they cite only 1 feature and assume it's only meant to prevent bordome. 

    Well thought out idea @southguy (US1) 

    @BM ang1243 do you like and are developers still looking at allowing us to trade low level skips for higher ones (for a cost of course).
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • tissya (US1)tissya (US1) Posts: 72
    edited 15.02.2017
    So we get the skips by playing the game !
    Why build another building to manage skips  ?  when we get them for playing the game !
    why spend time  resourses ,rubys coins on an item we GET for playing the game !
    GGe has done well to keep skips and other items in internal specific access storage for players  : wings, fountain coins, wof tickets are others .
    This stops the incessant posts on "hey can we trade skips to other players " posts .or" can we sell all the excess 1 minute skips for coin or rubys  ? ".
    GGe has raised the limit /capacity  , they could raise it again .  But they have stated that its up to the player to manage his resourses which includes items in finite storage .
    The onus is on the players to manage their respective domains .
    The statis quo works just fine .

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  • I have an idea ruby ​​mining and 6-level research tower
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,862AU1

    I have an idea ruby ​​mining and 6-level research tower
    a ruby mine does exist it is an offer like the Mint , although I have only seen it twice in over 5 years of playing and tbh. it is not worth the deal in 365 days you get twice the rubies you put in

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