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are there anyways to gain coin and rubies via cheats that actually work

new to game no money or rubies

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  • Possibly.

    But no one is going to answer that here.
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  • SKINK (AU1)SKINK (AU1) Posts: 690
    You have to eat rubies to get rubies
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  • Yes there is a way. First pull out your wallet or purse. Then pull out your master card or bank card. Now the part that hurts.. go to the ruby shop and buy rubies.
    DolceII @ usa 1
  • samurai event is a new way to get rubies faster.read my thread ***Rubies***
  • Yeah hit Rbc's for rubies. But once you can get to the burning sands, you can hit desert fortress's they give 280 rubies a hit. Also check the merc post for lucky pennies. 
    Lord septimus @us1
  • furture (US1)furture (US1) Posts: 937
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    furture (US1) said:
    no. all cheats are just scams and virus's. here is what they do

    you download the "cheat/hack" which is really a front for a virus.

    it infects your computer with whatever.

    on your screen, it shows that you have X number of coins and rubies or whatever, but really its just changing it on your screen. when you try to use more then you actually have, it says you have insufficient ______, even if your screen says you have more

    all the data is really saved online, thats how the game continues without you being online. for a hack to work for real, you need to download it onto the servers that the game itself runs on, not just a random PC. it infects your computer with any number of virus's, i have known people who tried and got that result.
    Hmm looks like someone has already looked a  lot for hack :) 
    But no hack works i personally have been through it :) Buy rubies or hit forts 
    its really just mostly common sense. GGE saves its data on its servers, not on each individual PC. if a hack were to work from my PC alone, then all the data of the game would have to be on my PC, meaning i could only play on my PC, and trying to play GGE on anything else would not work.

    but because GGE is a MMO, and because you can access all your saved info from any PC, then that means everything is saved online. and downloading a hack to just your PC wont touch that, you need something to infect the servers that GGE saves its info on

    there are already visual glitches that happen as a result of updates. its not really that hard to make a virus that makes it look like it works by doing a visual glitch.
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  • no you could get banned
  • Imperius (GB1)Imperius (GB1) Posts: 851GB1
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  • new to game no money or rubies


    I didn't read other posts. But between safeguards and the fact that this is an online flash game cheats do not work.

    If you need coins and rubies, hit Robber Baron Castles and Nomads/Samurai

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