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Berimond Hero

Woudnt it be a good idea to throw in the hero from berimond down to berimond up each third time so we all in the game have a chanse to complete our sets ! now i think like me there must be a few thousands with same problem,and in some cases we payed rubies to get the ohter four parts... its not realy okey !
Rakan @ skn 1


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,862AU1
    The Hero is supposed to the the  top up of it even without it is a good set , guess how the people who have the set would feel , right cheated.

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  • Just make it take the place of the top 10 then...would make it even given how many we've missed...
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • DHDF22 (US1)DHDF22 (US1) Posts: 452
    edited 02.02.2017
    The Hero is supposed to the the  top up of it even without it is a good set , guess how the people who have the set would feel , right cheated.

    True, but that never stopped GGE before. Remember when we used to have to work hard for WOR sets and the hero was top 20 or something like that? Now just get 600k glory and get a piece every event, hell you even get an armor piece along with the hero when its up lol. If Beri ever comes back it wouldn't surprise me for those sets/heroes to be much easier to acquire sometime in he future. btw- both the Beri sets are pretty much the same as a WOR commander stat wise
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 02.02.2017
    Unfortunately there would have to be something that would replace the hero as first place though and all of the other armor pieces require top rankings as well. It would not make any sense to drop hero reward down to below first place, unless if maybe the rest of the equipment were made easier to get and something else were to be used as a replacement for 1st place that is worth getting. If Berimund does come back it may be another month or two before we even get Berimund back which does seem like a long time, but it has taken Goodgame Studios a very long time to fix the bug. I am guessing that it would be very time consuming and possibly even expensive to fix this major bug on Berimund as well. Which may be why it is taking Berimund so long to come back.

    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Rakan (SKN1)Rakan (SKN1) Posts: 213SKN1
    indeed the heros and armors in invadors is so much of i puke over them and sell all parts and heroes nowdays.... it seems all underworld stoped in gge not just the berimond,theres this ohter sets people sits with and cant make full sets...there shoud be options to buy them for rubies if no more down world tournaments
    Rakan @ skn 1
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