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Toe The Tyrant



  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 19.12.2016
    Does anyone have Toe's stats? 

    yep  :smile:

    he's out of his alliance so that people don't get extra wartime bonuses on attacks and looting when they loot him

    Hey Toe, didn't I warn you that I'd hit you if you kept on threatening Millwall? I guess some people have to learn the hard way...
  • outlaw_always (US1)outlaw_always (US1) US1 Posts: 1,336
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    Lol I'd love to see this guy come to the US server and get destroyed. 
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  • abbiewalker (GB1)abbiewalker (GB1) Posts: 236
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    Someone get a capture on his metro before CG grab it.

    Crimson-Guard have took to long to act over this guy and as a result don't deserve any CoP's

  • But i thought your main agenda was getting toe sorted out, now he's gone why do you still go after CG?
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  • But i thought your main agenda was getting toe sorted out, now he's gone why do you still go after CG?

    Who said its sorted now ?
  • Cause he's out of an alliance, being farmed, on fire?
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  • abbiewalker (GB1)abbiewalker (GB1) Posts: 236
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    Cause he's out of an alliance, being farmed, on fire?

    No official explanation from Crimson-Guard so it means nothing, for all I know its one big trick or even that he's now playing , Hmmm ....Maybe the Griffin account ?  ;)

    And it will take a lot more than a few fires and honor farming to put right all his wrong's.

    The account still has a metro and op's with is totally unacceptable in my eyes, and CG can't claim everything's settled either, oh no not by a long shot.

  • abbiewalker (GB1)abbiewalker (GB1) Posts: 236
    edited 19.12.2016

    Good evening all,

    There will be no official announcement from Crimson Guard regarding Toe, the major alliances on the server have been appraised of the situation regarding the 2 CoP's currently in possession of Toe.

    For those that may be tempted to take advice to go for the CoP's then the choice is always there lol, it is a game and assets are there to be fought over, be under no illusion though that the assets mentioned are CG's and we will be recovering them sooner rather than later no matter who is in possession of them.

    I hope that no grey area exists regarding the CoP's, if in any doubt then message in game for clarification or if you fancy a bit of increased gameplay then by all means go for them, life and this game are all about choices.

    Anyway, I'll leave you all to continue the great Toe debate.

    Vamos CG


    Well if he really is gone for good then I suggest CG leadership players change your passwords asap LOL before he does the CG trick of selling the equipment. And don't even bother trying to deny the pass sharing.

    Can just image hak as the 'Grinch' selling all those supers coms n casts in time for Christmas.

    For the record I still think we're being conned here and that he's simply found yet another super account going spare to play from.

  • Thinking Toe must be the modern GGE equivalent to Santa - bringing such Joy at Christmas. I am sure a few are enjoying the roast chestnuts and celebrations.

    Like or dislike the guy added spice to a dying game - whoever you are Mr Toe - you played with passion second to none, you also broke the rule books - I am sure you had your reasons, best of luck in retirement, and if you return in the future do so with a fresh image, a clear head and forget the history.

    It is another loss to the game - another nail in the coffin, and you will soon be replaced with another target of the discontented - "that's life"

    The capitals held are indeed CG property  @Iberian Knight I do not see anyone disputing that.


    'The capitals held are indeed CG property  @Iberian Knight I do not see anyone disputing that. '  I'm disputing it alright, my alliance will be claiming what is rightly ours and anyone standing in our way will be crushed.

    Pretty sure HAK (that's right hak not toe) wont be missed and is certainly no loss to the game :)

  • I agree that he broke the rules however there is no need for a whole thread to dispute what kind of character he was. You already know what thread it''ll turn out to be.
  • Test server. I couldn't resist :wink:

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  • UltraFlavoured (GB1)UltraFlavoured (GB1) GB1 Posts: 953
    edited 20.12.2016
    That moment when grown adults turn into children... Yes its that time of year...... OH WAIT.


    Must be last years christmas present used and thrown away.

    This forum needs a detention room.


    PS You alwasy get some 'Joker' Flagging your posts ,Not many mind.
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  • A little known fact...... Halle Berry has 6 toes, I must say that it wouldn't put me off her lol.


    I am against cheating, use of bots and general douchebaggery (those that indulge in such tactics know who you are and many others can spot you also).

  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    well she is defo good looking. must have been his 3 nipples which got him booted o:)
  • abbiewalker (GB1)abbiewalker (GB1) Posts: 236
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    So come on which accounts hak playing now then ? My guess is either Player X or Player Y.

    For those that don't already know these two accounts have both been made by the same multi accounter that built Player Z and Player U. Yet again another fine example of Alliance C's underhandedness.

    Both of the latter (super accounts) two were passed to much weaker players,  the real issue here is accounts like these getting passed to players that would never reach that level with their own accounts.

    The two players in question are Player A who took over Player Z and Player B for Player U, look up their real accounts and that of Player M (aka Player N) and tell me it's not wrong they've been boosted in this way.

    EDITED: Please do not name and shame players on the forum, it isn't what the forum is to be used for, any evidence or belief you have of someone breaking the games’ rules (And by that, we don’t mean players’ rules), must be sent to support to be sorted out, there currently isn't another method for this to happen.

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