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RustleMania *THE RECKONING*: TM/MU/TFT Server War Battle Reports Thread-Newest



  • This is from yesterday but nobody posted it and I thought it was hilarious

    Im actually crying.
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  • I almost feel sorry for the guy
    So you have another KT now?
  • should of got him a fat bish to keep him warm out in that cold

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  • outlaw_always (US1)outlaw_always (US1) Posts: 1,336
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    That's fucked up. They'd better get him a 200 dollar gift card for the holidays because you MISCers haven't put out anything as damning as what they came up with themselves :P 

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  • ailbts (US1)ailbts (US1) Posts: 231US1

    and he's back in KoN2... I actually feel bad for him

  • I almost feel sorry for the guy
    So you have another KT now?
    Yeah i feel sorry for the guy as well. But this is the kind of stuff that has happened to kon members all war. There is no loyalty beyond the leadership
    War is war lol 
    I can see that XD 
    Ain't my prob, I am not in K0N so its none of my business..,
  • Tempus (US1)Tempus (US1) Posts: 776US1
    Yil is very fake news.   #MAGA
  • Breor (US1)Breor (US1) Posts: 236US1
    The MISC circle-jerk continues.

    Supri had a technical issue and was unable to get into the game at that time. All KoN2 KT holders have agreed in advance that, in the event something like that happens, the boot is to be applied. That is where they "loyalty" comes in, btw.

    Supri had been getting attacked all day long. The decision to boot him, while not made by me, had no effect on the amount of troops he lost.

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  • Breor (US1)Breor (US1) Posts: 236US1
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    As I said, he had been unable to log on the entire day due to technical issues. His troops were due to return home regardless. Us kicking him probably brought to your attention he was offline, but this was already something you could have figured out by looking at reports from earlier in the day.

    The only one with Supri's keys is Supri himself.
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