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This is a JOKE

Imperius (GB1)Imperius (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,088
Having an extra 5 days of f/l's is a joke least yo u could have done was beri so we could have a break from the f/l's & got the coins back we spent on blood-crows since blood-crows is a just a re skin of f/l's it's always the same rewards and completely repetitive with the same set rewards as the last one twice in a row now, honestly the whole game is becoming more & more of event simulator with no pvp while f/l's are on nearly all the time now expecting the alliance tournament or the great tournament very soon and the compensation is a joke for level 70's coins are useless to us since we have millions by now give us feathers & horsetails instead that's the fairest I see it
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Imperius @EN1


  • bored out of my brains with bloodcrows do u have any imagination gge
  • GGE management have no imagination, they want all the players / their customers to quit en mass so they can shut the game down
  • Imperius (GB1)Imperius (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,088
    Good game empire is their biggest revenue doubt they want all their players to leave the game 
    Imperius @EN1

  • Actually GGE is not about playing a game, it is about GGE making money. Greedy GGE make money by selling rubies and other ruby type "packs". They sell heaps for FI and events like that. They sell a whole lot less through nomads / samurais events. And what's more some players use the nomads / samurais so they never need to buy rubies. GGE want to get rid of these players or at least make them spend cold hard cash. There is no technical reason for them to remove nomads / samurais from the game. They want to make more money and by removing these events they will make more money. You will have to spend real cash to continue in GGE. This is a commercial decision. They want to make more profit. GGE management couldn't care about players playing their game. They are only their customers, and non-paying customers at that.
    Time to say goodbye to GGE
  • lol
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  • Imperius (GB1)Imperius (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,088
    Due to a 'graphical issue' reported by a few players you decide to bin the whole event for the rest of us what makes it worse is you had two days to fix it (One day now) any other company would be working around the clock to solving this 'bug' but yet GGS standards say other wise, I honestly like this game I've been here on & off since this game started back in 2011-2012 but I'm getting tired of it all these little things keep happening the last 1-2 months makes you feel like the game is unplayable at this point in my opinion.
    Imperius @EN1

  • The main problem is that we participate in these $h/ttty events when WE stop participating these events we shall see that only Ruby whales will fight it all  and probably we can gather some coins and army

    I think if i could convey this message to every non ruby player of this game

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