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Kons new Description



  • abbie24601 (US1)abbie24601 (US1) US1 Posts: 411

    I like how Serry quits the game and leaves Fart in charge.  Then comes back at the last minute to watch them take their dying breath.


  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
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    Creating a great work of art can be like trying to write war and peace in a bumper car at an amusement park, but when you finally get it right, there are not many joys in life that can equal the feeling. Whether it be paintings, music, literature, movies or video games, art comes in all forms where creativity is possible. Now picture this; a young lover of art, well aware of the previous sentence, who has been hooked for years on the feeling of awe brought by experiencing art. For many of those years he thought he would only ever be an observer and analyst of other people's glorious creations. But recently he found inspiration and hope that he too may be able to somehow add a gem or two to the art world. He had an idea, an idea that seemed strange and outlandish at first, as most new amazing things do, but the more and more thought he put into it, the more it seemed like he actually had an idea that could be his ticket to becoming a real artist.
    This is why he began studying the basics of film making and game design.
    Those were the two art forms that he loved the most. The first thing he researched was the methods of the great film directors. Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and his personal favorite of all, Stanley Kubrick, who which the very first line of this passage is a quote from. Stanley Kubrick's work spoke to him in a way nothing ever had before. Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" is the masterpiece that initially gave the art lover his love of art; his sense of awe at seeing something that at first can only be described as beautiful, and then upon analyzation shows to be a testament to human being's capability of complexity. The more and more the art lover read about Kubrick, the more and more he felt that he could have a place as a great visionary film artist. At this point the art lover felt truly inspired and determined to make his dream a reality. His crazy story he had thought of was nowhere near being complete. The reason he became so motivated by an unfinished thought was because of the pieces of the story he had thought of. If nothing else; he could say that his idea was something completely original and new, but he knew it was more than that, and the words of Stanley Kubrick gave him the confidence that he could piece together the key plotpoints he had thought of into a coherent story that was nothing short of a masterpiece.
    The art lover began trying his best to create a rough draft incarnation of what would one day become his magnum opus, but the biggest problem he faced, was not knowing what form to make his story.
    At this point the art lover felt the most confidence in the field of movies. So he first began writing his story as if it were to be made into a movie. However, as he worked he of course had to think about possibilities to continue the progression of writing. The art lover started to imagine multuple outcomes of single scenarios. When trying to decide which outcome to use for each scenario, the art lover realized that in the making of one good plotpoint, he would be losing other good plotpoints. This is when it dawned on him, that his idea might be better off taking place as choices in a video game. The art lover thought about it, and decided that his idea would work much better as a video game. That's when the art lover changed his whole approach. He started imagining all the new possibilities and got right to work jotting them all down. This is also when he began researching more about game design. He felt significantly less confident about programming than film making, but he was determined. In his research he began to learn about and embrace great video games. The art lover had a whole new outlook on life. He still wanted mostly to be a movie director, but all he strived for overall was to be an artist of any kind, or even of multuple kinds. Sometime while becoming more keen on games it occurred to the art lover that he didn't yet have a favorite game. He had long had a favorite movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" but he didn't have a favorite game. Little did he know he would soon find it...
    There were many candidates for the spot of his favorite game. At first he considered the game "Bioshock" a highly atmospheric game that focuses on moral and political beliefs that led a whole secret underwater city to thrive and then fall. The gameplay was very fun, and the story was without question a masterpiece. The next he considered was a puzzle game called "The Witness" an honestly mind blowing game where literally the whole world is made up of optical illusion/perspective based puzzles. The game is without a doubt a testament to the level of complexity that the human mind is capable of. Truly the 2001: A Space Odyssey of games. "The Witness" without a doubt took the spot as the art lover's #1 favorite game. With that out of the way he could now return to working on his own game idea. However, "The Witness" is not the art lover's favorite game. Not anymore. It is now only his second favorite. What took it's place as the art lover's favorite game?
    Contempt with finding his favorite game, the art lover continued working on his idea. He got to a point where he had completed a considerable amount of his idea. His draft was at least half way done. It was a large document which consisted of proposals for the opening sequence of his game, dozens of scenarios where the player has a choice that will result in different outcomes, various story elements, the names of various characters as well as their personality traits, etc. It was all there in that document that the art lover had slaved over for countless hours. The art lover looked over his work with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. What stood out to him the most about his story was it's flaws. His story was good, but not yet a masterpiece. The art lover was not at all immune to writer's block. He had dealt with it a few times before, but it had never been stronger than it was now. He knew from the beginning that a written draft of a game's story wouldn't be nearly as enticing as the finished game, and he had to remind himself multuple times that the gameplay aspects would be the final stitch that sewed together the final product. The art lover couldn't help but feel that what he had created so far would not suffice as the story for a masterpiece of a game. Seeing as he was now a game enthusiast, he decided to take a break and find a new game to play.
    The art lover was not very wealthy, meaning that he couldn't just buy every game he thought looked interesting. So he went to YouTube.com and watched other people play games. This was a helpful way of being able to see a preview of games, and even being able to fully experience a game if one wanted to. The art lover decided to view a game made by an independent game developer named Toby Fox called Undertale. The art lover began watching the first installment video of a YouTuber's full playthrough of the game. He began watching; he already had good expectations for this game based around how much praise and popularity it had received. The art lover began watching the gameplay. After an hour had passed, the first video had ended and the art lover saw a uniqueness in the game, but it hadn't yet won him over. He decided to watch the next hour of gameplay. The game continued to get better and better and better the more the art lover watched. He became more and more awestruck by the game every minute. Hours and hours flew by as the art lover was absolutely entranced. The game was beautiful, glorious, splendid, groundbreaking! The art lover was absolutely mind blown by this paragon of video games, this genius storytelling and entertainment. He understood now why the game was so praised. It was everything he ever wanted in a game. Everything. This was when he had a realization. The art lover's idea of a game where you make choices and encounter funny yet loveable characters all with a quirky undertone. That is precisely what he was seeing. He was seeing his concept done in a way that is infinitely greater than anything he could have ever imagined.
    If you haven't guessed it by now, the art lover is me. I was so emotionally torn as I watched the final hour of Undertale gameplay. I simultaneously felt the joy of experiencing the greatest game I've ever seen, but the sorrow of seeing my work outdone in every way possible. I was instantly reminded of this alliance description by Serry. I haven't paid attention to KoN in years, but when the Undertale ending video was over; the brilliance of his craft was the first thing that came to my mind. This description conveys the feeling of being outdone. I know because now I have officially lived it. I am Serry in this world, I am Serry in this description. Even if everyone on earth forgot about Undertale tomorrow; I still wouldn't be able to do anything with this idea of mine, because now I know that Undertale did everything I wanted to do, better than I ever could have. Anything I could make going off of this idea would just be a lesser version of Undertale. I would prefer to give credit to art that I love, rather than making junk out of jealousy. After all, this idea of mine is not the only idea I've ever had, but it's going to take me a while to accept that I have to move on from it. That idea has became a part of me in a way. It's a dream that will never escape my mind, characters I'll never give life to. That's the worst part of it and also the biggest reason I feel compelled to try and make something out of myself, not for fame or money, so that my ideas will have a place to go other than to the back of my mind where they'll never be seen again. I guess my characters will just have to perish. I've never felt more defeated in my life. Congratulations Toby Fox, you've made my favorite game
  • dragon rider72 (US1)dragon rider72 (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    rip tampuss
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    Cheat on your girlfriends, not your workouts.

  • GB11 (US1)GB11 (US1) US1 Posts: 492
    edited 30.10.2016
    I like how you said our leader quit the game and fed that lie (among so many more) to the server because it exposes your propensity for twisting facts to fit your particular propaganda spin of the week, while accusing others of lying.

    Please keep talking...
    Well, if we are wrong and Serry didn't quit, then he should, cause he's a horrible leader/player considering the thousands of dollars he's spent on game. 

    It's always fun watching egotistical people go through the first stages of denial.  

    Also, I think I was leader of WoK longer than you were leader of KoN huehue
    Guess you will find out soon enough how "dead" and what a terrible player he is soon enough amirite?

    Would rather be the so called "worst" leader KoN ever had than associated with the stinking carcass of ambulating puppet accounts that is MISC.
    It's not even a question if you were the worst leader of kon. No KoN leader has ever lost so much progress in such a short amount as time as you have. And knowing how much you care about the image of KoN, it must kill you to know how much of a failure you are as a leader.

    Edit: Ahh nvm, I think you were talking about serry and not yourself. I guess my point still stands tho lol
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  • Tempus (US1)Tempus (US1) US1 Posts: 778
    KON family was far superior in strength, organization, and loyalty than the coalition of alliances that had banded together to take them down. It took a few months for the coalition to fall apart. To contrast, it took nearly 2 years of negotiation and war fatigue to get some of the main branches of KON to finally throw in the towel.

    THE MISC has a handful of players who have the "perseverance" to fight the fight. Nephilim has those players as well. If the tables were turned, they would present the same fight MISC is presenting now, if not a greater one.

    (my own thoughts)
    "A serious problem in planning against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine." - The USSR

    When fighting asymmetrical warfare, it is not smart to fight on an even playing field when one is the lesser force.  It's better to use chaos to your advantage.  Which we have. It is not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the ones who are able to adapt the most. 

    We know what we're about son. 
    Yil is very fake news.   #MAGA
  • abbie24601 (US1)abbie24601 (US1) US1 Posts: 411
    edited 30.10.2016
    KON family was far superior in strength, organization, and loyalty than the coalition of alliances that had banded together to take them down. 

    1. Nobody banded together to take KON down. KON decided they needed to own all of the properties in GGE and attacked MISC/FT. All we did was defend.
    2. Superior in strength, organization, and loyalty? Really? More than half of them didn't even know why they were in the war or what it was about. I bet you can't find a single player on our side who doesn't know. KON was a mass of morons who were so terrified of pixel fires they surrendered all of their self-respect and autonomy. That's not called loyalty. That's called being a pussy.
    It took 6 months for the coalition to fall apart. To contrast, it took nearly 2 years of negotiation, war fatigue, and attacks to get some of the main branches of KON to throw in the towel.

    When did we fall apart? You need to stop reading Serry's alliance descriptions. lol.
    THE MISC has a handful of players who have "the tenacity and perseverance" to fight the fight. Nephilim has those players too. If the tables were turned, they would present the same fight MISC is presenting now, if not a greater one.

    Well, we just turned the tables, so we will find out if you're right soon enough.


  • dragon rider72 (US1)dragon rider72 (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    Wonder if Negan was mad that serry rage moved and she had to follow to keep him from getting rekt
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    Cheat on your girlfriends, not your workouts.

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