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who is Liam?



  • abbiewalker (GB1)abbiewalker (GB1) Posts: 236
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    Hmmm...that looks familiar, had the exact same issue not long back. Obviously I didn't find out who but did get these not long after the shadows, so maybe a clue





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  • Well if it's any constellation, it's their main account...
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    Haha we have a comedian amongst us... Jealous are you serious, far from it :D
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  • Oh come on. You expect GGE to ban one of their biggest buyers? Fat chance of that...
    Quit UK1. Now a full time tester!
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  • HND,

    I take great exception to being called a hypocrite and a liar, I am neither of those things. I have always addressed players on this forum with a degree of respect in spite of occasionally holding an opposing viewpoint.

    What gives you the right to make judgmental comments regarding peoples character despite not knowing them at all. If you have had your access to the forum frozen or curtailed it comes as no surprise to me as your last comments on this thread demonstrate your level of rudeness and slander.

    As far as I'm concerned I have answered all aspects truthfully and politely, I refuse to be drawn into a slanging match with you as you are incapable of respectful and polite interaction.

    Rant and slander all you like from here on in, my viewpoint is one that from this juncture you will no longer be privy to.

    I hope that you find a verbal jousting partner willing to descend to your level of insulting behaviour and although I have never complained directly to ggs or the mods on this forum I shall now be flagging your posts above as being extremely abusive and needless. Perhaps they will do the silent majority of polite players here a favour and silence your incessant slanted jibes.

    Good day to you sir.


    Hmm! When I close my eyes and listen to you, it's Xecks' voice I can hear.

    Shall I tell you what I consider to be abusive? (Rhetorical question; I'm going to tell you anyway.) - Of all the people I have interacted with in this game, none have shown more integrity than Mario has - his conduct in-game and on the forum is unimpeachable and yet you, along with your cohorts, have sought to discredit him... And frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself. Anyone who knows Mario knows I speak the truth in that regard.

    And the same applies to Batten - he too deserves respect.

    And so, Iberian Knight, (you bring dishonour to the term), you can take your fake outrage and dishonest representations and shove them up your hole.

    Just to add to this.. flagging Hnd deliberately because you find him insulting? Never in my opinion and knowing Hnd does he come across insulting.. Maybe you should look closer to home next time you insinuate such nonsense, I suggest you start flagging the `real` insults around here.. we all know which one don`t we, or do you need a hand pointing you in the right direction?
    I don`t buy rubies i prefer diamonds.
    xx Princess xx
  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
    yup you guessed yer nonce ...

    CG OWN YOU.  now get off the forums and work on your sands towers like a goood b1tch ..

    pmsl - You think you actually bought something, you pathetic and deluded little man?

    You do realize that stealing trophies does not make you a champion, don't you? It makes you a thief.


    Says the guy who went mad earlier on.
    Image result for u mad bro
  • marc58 (GB1)marc58 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 836
  • XeckzXeckz Posts: 70
    Hi guy's,

    I've had to delete/edit quite a few insults etc that were thrown about on this thread as these were vulgar and unecessary, also players run the risk of your account being sanctioned if you continue to do this.

    I want to remind you that the flagging button is not to be misused due to you disagreeing with anyone's opinion and this is stated in the forum guidelines, if this continues then we will have to sanction players who wrongfully flag posts intentionally. Let's try keep this thread on topic and informative.

  • Mario 999 (ASIA1)Mario 999 (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 165
    edited 29.10.2016
    ha ha, had to use my lads old account to post this as heard this being posted by a few is a joke, lets be clear here, I (Mario 999) have been playing over 5 years , firstly we all know by the posts that's not Toe the original, think we all agree on that as Toe was not a gob, secondly IK you know Your sub is a war fodder account, and i was there and did see all the looting from that alliance and also the burning of players leaving your alliance was excepted, Jesus even seen you lot take rvs from Brian and Sully for starting  new alliance, in fact i said to you stop as its out of order and too give you credit you did, don't start with we are now the legal guardians on here same as the new boy with money, yeah he has got me down to the patronizing level he seems to use with all, even quoted god to me, really, pmsl.

    Lads and lasses, its a game and don't get carried away with the power thing sat behind your screens.

    Also shame on GGE for letting a known CG player be a Mod, we all did know that outcome.

    Oh and lets be clear, as soon as YOU started with the Liam and multi accounts, you opened this thread to all!

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