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Update questions & feedback: Update: More Optimizations & Bugfixes

CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
Hey guys,

It's that time again, please share you feedback on the update here and if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to put them forward!

- Rosie



  • I love it that the timer is back on the attack-horn. I'm also interested in the new interface of the building-menu.

    And always good to fix the bugs :-)

    Just great update, what's more to say about it?

    Hello everyone!

    Good to see you. I'm Lucas from the dutch server (NL1) and i play in an amazing Alliance called Two Towers. I really enjoy playing the game. If you want to make contact with me leave a message here or if you are from the dutch server message me there!

    Kind regards Lucas1999

  • What update? Nothing has happened here.
  • Update happens tomorrow. Still wondering when 5 finger discount in the HOL will be fixed. I know that last update it was suppose to be fixed but it hasn't. 
  • Hello,

    Very good to the Bugfix, congrat's :)

    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    Please fix the bugs that do not count points correctly
    - trading partner,  do not add sent resources correctly, even worse- sometimes it reduces the current sum

    collecting points of fame after attacks against foreigners  as an example
    the same amount of points are shown  after every log in even if you have reached the 40 000, or it is zero after closing the computer and you have to start all over. 
    Both these bugs are very disturbing,  because its a big part of the game, reach levels and get rewards

    all the best 
    gamer in Nordic 1

  • Matt611 (US1)Matt611 (US1) US1 Posts: 20

    Achievements not working

  • wow, this is the update/bugfix I was waiting for, at least they are trying to find all bugs and fix them, although it's taking a hell long time.....
    Wilson Wang @ au 1
  • ossi78 (SKN1)ossi78 (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 33
    How can it be, in changed back, While writing a message in DK languages
     had otherwise got  a lot of words in, so you could write normal again,
    If we translate it into English, one can easily send it

    hop you will fix it,
  • All I am waiting in for is the flying pigs.....since all bug fixes by GGE are usually just as reliable.
  • Well.. i wish all bugs will be fixed :smile:
  • QueenB (INT1)QueenB (INT1) INT1 Posts: 264
    1st of all thank GGE for at least hear the community shows some interest to remove the bugs b4 doing other updates .
    i think we do need bug report section in forums for bugs only , in category like display, text , message , events , ...  and comity can really help to report the existing bugs . so it will be easy for everyone to report a bug , i know that there is bug report via support , but that is very complicated .

    thank you in advance.

    QueenB @ GoodGame
  • hacker (GB1)hacker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 131
    when are we having the new changes? like auto recruitment 
    Pleasure doing business with you  :) 
  • Game went very slow!
  • Great job ggs!!!
    Once again after your bug fix (!!!) the game became too slow!!!
    Unfortunately I didn't expect something better!!!

    vevilos @ WWW 1
  • Yes.
    They say we will increase game performance but They did more slow!!!
    Why can't you do anything GGS?

  • edited 19.10.2016
    I would like to say that I have spotted a new bug in the game with the new wall system button in construction menu.

    Click on construction, click the wall button and then exit the construction and the walls are still white/ghost
  • And you still are surprised!!
    gge allways do the opposite what they telling us
    and allways introducing new bugs = worksecurity
    ikke261068 @ nl 1
  • kojo123 (IN1)kojo123 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 92
    still there are so many bugs ggs if u wud have taken these steps in the past there wont be these many bugs and the biggest problem is the game has became sooo slow that i cant even read messages in my inbox :pensive:
      iam glad ur working on the bugs but still there are so many bugs and we are expecting the auto recruitment facility to come as fast as possible 
  • looks like the latest bug fix introduced a 5 second lag time.  game is almost unplayable now.   need to get the fixes tested and right before going live with them
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