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Wheel of Fortune prize level 6

Astraa009 (INT1)Astraa009 (INT1) Posts: 2,087
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How many spins does it take to get to prize level 6 in the WoF?
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  • Akhil50 (IN1)Akhil50 (IN1) Posts: 4,347
    edited 01.09.2015
    4k tickets, heard it somewhere I guess
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  • castle patty (INT2)castle patty (INT2) INT2 Posts: 386
    edited 01.09.2015
    WTF 4K ??????????

    whatever i dnt play wof
    edited 01.09.2015
    I made it to lvl 4 once off only a few hundred
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    Level 4 is not lvl 6. I too wonder how many tickets I'd need to save to get to lvl 6. Anyone know? I buy and save every single one I can. Will take a very long time to get a lot of them for sure but I am patient.
    danielbannister @ usa 1
  • edited 01.09.2015
    if you think that's expensive, how many tickets do you think it takes to get through pro mode

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  • if you think that's expensive, how many tickets do you think it takes to get through pro mode
    Pro mode counts as 10 spins
  • hge (US1)hge (US1) Posts: 986
    *Clap clap clap*
    Nice bump of a old and worthless thread. And pro mode takes 30 tickets per spin I think
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  • From what i heard it would take only about 2K tickets.
  • 50 spins, ie-1500 tickets in pro mode.(should be same number of tickets, just a crap load of spins (500) in regular mode) Fewer tickets if you can hit the free spin a few times. Ive done it in @1100 tickets before hitting free spin several times.
  • Wiglema (NL1)Wiglema (NL1) NL1 Posts: 767
    In regular mode:
    level 2 requires 3 spins (9 tickets);
    level 3 requires 9 additional spins, so 12 spins in total (36 tickets in total);
    level 4 requires 28 additional spins, so 40 spins in total (120 tickets in total);
    level 5 requires 60 additional spins, so 100 spins in total (300 tickets in total);
    level 6 requires 400 additional spins, so 500 spins in total (1500 tickets in total).

    Assuming that each spin has a 12.5% chance of winning 3 tickets, on average you'd need 1335 tickets to start with.
    Last time I tried I needed 1329 tickets to reach level 6 (+ 57 free spins).

    Wiglema (NL1)
  • http://prntscr.com/c0xivy

    Where might these lv 3 and 5 prizes be? lol. I assume an older version of the wheel, though I never remember seeing them?
  • Wiglema (NL1)Wiglema (NL1) NL1 Posts: 767
    Those rewards are like a nobility contest: three reward stages for reaching some points and two more rewards for top-10 and top-1.
    There are no specific rewards for reaching levels 3, 5, 7, 8, 9.
    Wiglema (NL1)
  • It's actually exhausting doing 500 spins to get to Prize Level 6. But with around 300 more tickets you could get top 10.

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  • Gale ES (US1)Gale ES (US1) US1 Posts: 25
    I had 1,200 tickets the last time and reached level 6. I was top 10 but quickly fell back when I ran out of tickets. So that leaves me wondering how many tickets it would take to stay in top 10 till the clock stops ticking.
    Gale ES @ usa 1
  • Sameehah (GB1)Sameehah (GB1) GB1 Posts: 7,483
    I used 2013 and got 6th
    Helllllooooo There

  • I used 2013 and got 6th
    So thats on EN I wonder what it is for US1? 
    Lord septimus @us1
  • Defectus (US1)Defectus (US1) US1 Posts: 1,199
    More than a year after the last post i show up... I am rebel XD

    You truly are a rebel for coming onto this Goodgame Empire online forum and posting a bland comment on an old thread.

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    I don't play this game anymore.
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    I don't have enough face to palm.

    Why did you revive this thread!?
    The question was answered already too!

    @BM_Friedrich could you close this thread? 
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