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  • Dear oh dear.. this is all so childish... All i will say is, we are/were making a point, you all know what about.. and as for loyal, i think you will find those left are just that `loyal`.. and that especially goes for Phil, so please.. lets stop throwing stones, making a point doesn`t deserve disrespect.
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  • Can't we just all agree to disagree on this one? HND, I think you're a great guy, however I didn't agree with you on this one and didn't fancy an RV war. I don't want to fall out with you or defiant about this because what is done is done and that cannot be changed. We were all such a great family before the CG situation arised and, even though we have gone our separate ways, wouldn't it just be best to stay friends instead of creating enemies out of each other? 

    You never know - some day we might all reunite. 

    I wish you the best of luck with the CG situation and hope it resolves itself in whichever way you deem fit. 


  • You came to the forums asking for support. Yet everyone who has had a different opinion from you has been met with aggression or flat out name-calling.
    I don't know you, but based on this thread, I can assume you are a little unstable.
    Considering most people here don't know you either, they will probably draw the same conclusion.
    Goodluck gathering that support.


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  • Hi HND, 

    What I disagreed with was the action you chose to take/were leaning towards taking. You are absolutely right in that CG acted like bullies by attacking us 5 times in as many minutes, etc... However I would have preferred the diplomatic route of sorting this out when CG were only hitting us 3 times a day - I, personally, did not think tool knocking them would achieve anything other than antagonising them, which it succeeded in doing. Yes, of course I see that you wanted to stand up for yourself and the alliance, although I did not believe that tool knocking them (which is against the rules on the server as a general rule) and participating in an RV war (also against the rules) was and would have been the optimal way of resolving the situation. Hence why I said 'agree to disagree' - agree that we both disagreed with what we judged as the the appropriate way to deal with the situation. 'This one' regarded your decision(s) (tool knocking and the increasing likelihood of an RV war, which you advocated). 

    To conclude, I certainly do not condone the behaviour and actions taken by CG, although they were willing to sort things out peacefully, if you would have allowed them to. Again, I absolutely respect you as a person HND and everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. Just because we disagree on one particular matter does not mean we should all fall out with each other and with our ex-alliance members. 


  • Both sides broke rules. Both changed the rules to what they want. So why we argueing here on forum just go and carry  on in game LOL.

  • As a founding member and former Leader of TeamXtreme I have to say there is a lot of nonsense being said. I wasnt going to respond at all but when a situation is brought up which I had a full hand in. I am compelled to to speak out.

    Most of course off topic.

    Unfortunately I have 0 input on the CG - Xtreme situation - Hear say is just that.
    As for a certain player posting via a different name, its most likely due to the fact they dont have access to to e-mail address for the account they are currently playing on. Although they have never been one to hide.
    I'm not picking sides, but I do have to say the TeamXtreme nicked half our players leaving New Vision for Sh*t, so I don't think you can be complaining about CG.

    We were getting top 20 rewards and were screwed over by you so don't complain now that you were screwed over by another alliance pulling you out of the top 20 rewards for events.

    We are rebuilding from what you did to us so you should be able to rebuild from what CG has done to you.
    This statement is not exactly true - at the moment in question its was a much suitable merge for players we moved well up the rankings in all aspects.
    But unfortunately players come & go all the time - Players change plans goals game-play and join alliances which suit.
    I also dont think Xtreme are really complaining about not being top 20 - I dont even think that has become a factor due to the fact they know they have support from many former players.

    Back to the point of the thread and gaining support whether you agree or disagree- sadly voicing support against a higher power in which there is evidence of strong retaliation for doing so just is not worth it in regards to players gameplay.

    This forum is only ever used to fuel the fire, with posters bumping their post numbers by being that annoying/nosey neighbour playing Chinese whispers
    Everyone has different ways of dealing with things. Is this the correct way? only time will tell but seems to be the longest cold war within a game I have seen.

    Its like Batman vs Superman all over again. 'an unstoppable force meets an immovable object'

    Everything I say is strictly personal opinion and not in relation to my alliance or affiliates.

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  • Good story so far.

    Defo a good 8/10 so far.
    Proud n Happy Member of CG

    Once you knock a man down to his final stage , there's nowhere he can go  but up.
  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    WOW :)
  • Just want to add my point of view to this... I think there are valid points made throughout this thread. If it is true that Team Xtreme tool cleaned originally (which it appears is the case), you deserve what is happening to you. HOWEVER, IF CG did indeed hit a burning castle; they are also in the wrong.

    I also agree with Queen O that a few of your comments have been incredibly insulting, especially the rape comment. I would take that back, if I were you. 

    I also want to add that you must have evidence via screenshots or whatever before making these accusations, otherwise many people will consider your "evidence" (i.e. your word) to be irrelevant
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