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Thorn event bug

Hey, friends. I am here to discuss one of the bug i am facing. I have completed my thorn event but haven't got the reward i.e. the decoration. Is it like that everyone is having the same bug.
I have one proof that i have defeated the necromancer's castle.

Spartan Army


  • Pretty sure it's a bug, but not 100% sure, also was that screenshot taken today or.....? @Spartan Army (IN1)
    Wilson Wang @ au 1
  • Spartan Army (IN1)Spartan Army (IN1) Posts: 32
    edited 03.07.2016
    No, but it is of this month's thorn event.
    I have contacted support long before but no response.

    Spartan Army

  • No, but it is of this month's thorn event.
    I have contacted support long before but no response.
    Typical support team
    Wilson Wang @ au 1
  • gemaal (RO1)gemaal (RO1) RO1 Posts: 65
    is not a bug
    is necesary to ended the event to colect the reward or wait to finish
    gemaal @ ro 1
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    Hey @Spartan Army (IN1),

    Seems like we do have an issue with this. I'll forward it on to the team and see what we can do. In the meantime, please be patient, as our Support Team will not have had a chance to reply to you just yet, but they'll get back to you when they can.


  • Spartan Army (IN1)Spartan Army (IN1) Posts: 32
    edited 05.07.2016
    @CM Arcanine
    Thank you for your reply. I hope it will be fixed soon.  :)

    Spartan Army

  • Thanks, I recieved a message from support.   o:)

    Spartan Army

  • same problem like me . aprox 2 weeks ago , now same thing happen with berimond duh -_-
    HB | International 1

    Ricky . . 

  • Spartan Army (IN1)Spartan Army (IN1) Posts: 32
    edited 30.07.2016
    It has been a month to gge support's reply but no solution was made to this bug.  :'(

    Spartan Army

  • It's three months now but the issue isn't solved

    Spartan Army

  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    And GGE wonder why they have such a backlog of complaints.  Becasue they do not fix the issues, they knows about the issues for months and months, yet every month people complain its a vicious circle, for a few weeks stop ALL development, turn every employeed in development onto bug fixing fix the current known bugs, then and only then start development again.  If you keep building on top of broken code, then the probelm will be replicated over and over again!  And will become harder and harder to fix.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
    edited 07.09.2016
    Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I can not help you in retrieving your decoration as a CM but the support team will get back to you asap. Our apologies once again for the delay and that you're still suffering this problem.

    Regarding ongoing issues in general, we are currently looking to prioritize some recent and ongoing issues to fix in the upcoming weeks/updates. So I will make sure to include this issue in particular as it's seems to be going on for a long time.

    Feel free to also PM me with your most important bugs in order of priority for you, and I will do my best to collect them and forward them.

    - Rosie

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