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    **** COBALT
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  • not a matter of winning teddy .im over that sook blaming me for him being booted from misc...he burned his own ass there if he was any good morry wouldve kept him. all at misc are sick of him thinking he was our spokesperson. and i personally am sick of his vile racist and political bs essays. no one gives a flying f  k about his politics or racial ignorance therefore it has no place on the forum. i have clearly rustled the salty butt hurt clown , yet he claims he cant be rustled. all everyone wants is, posts/threads to stay on track not be constantly derailed by this attention seeking mental midget.
    topic closed as far as im concerned.
    Never knew Manatees could jump up so high:)
  • The Carnifex (US1)The Carnifex (US1) US1 Posts: 1,205
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    I give a **** about his essays.
    Also you want an ocean with that salt?
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  • I have already won. If you have seen my most recent thread where I show screenshots of the things Ultimo has said and then I prove them all wrong, then you will know I have won.

    These forums are very heavily pro-MISC. If you support MISC, chances are, you support Ultimo. All a poll does is show how many ignorant idiots support someone who clearly doesn't know a thing. That thread completely shut Ultimo down.I am curious to see if he has the guts to try and debate me over the things he has said.

    As far as essays go, I haven't made one on KoN and MISC in a long time, so yall can go stfu about that anytime now, I have made one on the Orlando shooting, which got taken down cause politics I guess... and then one in response to Ultimos claims of me being racist. I made a new thread so that it WOULDN'T continue to derail that Royal Crapital thread like Ultimo was doing.

    Ultimo even derails his own threads. On his RIP Muhammad Ali Thread, I said "I am still getting over Merle Haggard". There was nothing there that was racist... yet he decided to go after me for being racist and everything.

    Ultimo is just trying to ruin my reputation with loads of lies. I have already proven the things he has said to be false, whether you choose to ignorantly believe them is up to you.

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    Thread moved to proper section -- keep it civil or it will be closed


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  • Lol, yeah, I sure as hell don't think this thread will be kept civil.
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  • oo situation is getting interesting :D
    • Unless your name is GOOGLE, stop acting like you f*cking know everything. !!
     U Mad Bro ?
  • Doesn't matter who is winning on the poll, just wait for the MISCers to roll in, then things will tilt back in his favor.

    Whoever is pro- MISC will choose Ultimo, whoever has seen the facts will vote me, sadly not many people gonna read that whole thread of mine lol.
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  • This is a joke. @Teddy Ben (US1) why do you feel the need to further the drama between Ultimo and Cobalt. That's between them. Stop broadcasting it. 

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