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  • Barca (INT2)Barca (INT2) Posts: 35
    edited 01.12.2014
    This is my last post:

    Over the past 8 months I have had a great time here, met some fantastic people and had a great laugh. The game has been fun to play with you guys.

    The time has come for me to step out of the game. The recent updates have been disappointing and there are some challenges dealing with politics and egos that has made the many hours required to be less enjoyable.

    I have donated all my resources to the alliance, changed my flag to black and instructed GGS to delete my account.
    Because Fair Play is the only way
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  • Vastan (INT3)Vastan (INT3) Posts: 550
    edited 01.12.2014
    I am not going to disagree with this thread in principle, however I have some points.

    For one, this is not by any means the first thread of this kind. people have been making the same complaints about GGS for a long time. I am not going to make inferences from that one way or the other, my point simply being that people have been predicting the mass exodus of players from the game for some time and it does not appear to have come to fruition just yet.

    I can't really make any point on latest updates and whether they have catered to the "general population" of the game, or whether their customer service has improved or degraded as I have been away for too long so have not seen any of it, I will get back on that point once I am back into the swing of things.

    As far as the prediction that GGS will die by 2015 I simply can't see that happening. Perhaps Empire will be removed but remember they have a pretty vast array of other games to keep their business running on. And while I find for sure their most recent profits (if someone can find a site with that information it would be interesting to see it.) the business seems healthy, they are releasing new games, employing more people and have recently been given an award for being as I can tell one of the fastest growing companies in europe for a 28,000% increase in profit in the last five years which isn't so bad.

    Remember as well that GGS are by no means the only free to play, pay to win game studios out there, the trend seems in fact to be becoming prevalent. And if you check the forums of any of these games similar threads to this are easy to come by.

    Again however I don't disagree with the post in principle and it is good to see that people are still fighting to make the game better.

    A final point is that it is a huge shame that no Cm could really post on here, while it would be good to have an honest conversation with them on this front I think it would be impossible for them to make any headway as so many want the game completely free. They are somewhat damned if they do and damned if they don't.
    White Hayes @ en 1
  • GGS really does care. Except it is not about what you think.
    To all the people who believe that any of these many updates are designed to improve game play, I am sorry, but you were mislead.
    GGS is first and foremost a business whose primary function is to make money (as much as they can) for their shareholders.
    Each update to the game creates a new and improved way to get players to spend money.
    As soon as you come to realize and accept this, your levels of enjoyment in the game will rise.
    There are some people who spend huge amounts of money in the game - and they are the ones GGS cares about, not the people complaining here on the forums. They will of course deny this - or even delete this post.

    Because Fair Play is the only way
    NoblemanBob @ WWW 2
  • @Barca (INT2) 
    I understand that, but now they are churning out updates that are just filled with bugs, the most recent had a bunch that majorly affected game play. We should not have to tolerate that.

    Further more when some of the updates mean 15 out of 20 days is the fi I think we have a right to complain.
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  • Yes - I agree with you. All I have been saying (if you read this thread) is that GGS needs to cultivate their online community, not alienate them.
    That said, they have some ruby whales who will buy anything and everything they offer them. So they are doing something right.
    Because Fair Play is the only way
    NoblemanBob @ WWW 2
  • GGE needs money just money i wonder the biggest buyer makes ideas and GGe implements those as UPDATES

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  • I have been playing this game for the past 3 months and have really been enjoying it. I first played online games in the early 1980’s on a Plato platform. You have a great product here. Unfortunately it appears that your business strategy is not helping you realize all the potential benefits.

    I research, teach and consult in Information Systems at university undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My areas if interest include IT Service Management, Cloud Technologies and Social Networks. What I have to say therefore, may have some value for you.

    The success of any Social Network or online community is the effective management of that community. By management I mean providing the community with tangible benefits that encourage them to contribute and continue to be a part of the community. The value of the network or community is how much the users feel a part of it. The stronger they feel an integral part of it, the greater their loyalty will be to the group and the more they will do for the group. There is lots of evidence to support this.

    It appears that you have managed to do the opposite and alienate your user community with the recent updates to the game. These updates appear to be what is best for GGS and not what the user community is asking for. This has upset a lot of people and I see many have left the game. The last few weeks have been a very bumpy ride for GGS and it is only going to get worse. You have created an ‘us and them’ situation where the user community is antagonistic towards GGS. When what you really need is a unified team of users and developers.

    If your business is going to succeed, you are going to have to turn this around very quickly. The users are paying your salaries and you need to recognize that. Only when the true value of the customer is recognized and their requirements are effectively managed, will you see a shift towards a loyal customer base.

    Once you have fine-tuned the product to meet the user’s requirements and created a loyal player base, you will have taken the first step towards making users more likely to purchase rubies – and pay your salaries.

    Then you are going to need to make the purchasing of rubies more acceptable to fair play. At the moment the game is heavily biased towards the rubies players. You need to realize that 100 000 people spending $10 a month is a much better business model than 100 people spending $1000 a month. I am confident that more users would be comfortable paying for this game if the correct balance were to be created.

    I have given you enough to think about for now – and I have done so for free. In the real world my consulting rates are high because of supply and demand.

    I hope that this thread draws some constructive suggestions that you will take to the bean counters at GGS because they are busy killing the goose that is laying the golden eggs.
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