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We need new Moderators!

ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

Recruiting new Patriots

Hello fellow gge players!
My name is Tryon46 and I am a recruiter for the Patriots. We are currently searching for new members preferably within 60 clicks of a member.

why choose us?

Patriots is not just any alliance- we are a family. We are a very unique alliance in how supportive we are. Not involved in the server war, we cultivate relationships with each other and allies, while strictly following honor codes. 

Our members are on around the clock- that means immediate support: for advice, donations, or support.  
This is my family. This is the Patriots. 

lvl 22 Alliance
45 members


  • "We are family" "Unique alliance in how supportive we are" "not involved in the server war" "we cultivate relationships with each other and allies" "following honor codes"

    -Every alliance ever

    "The key to more success is coco butter"
    - DJ Khaled

  • Haha I understand how cliche that sounds but It is hard to explain. I have been to alliances (bigger and smaller than this one) who all claim the same thing. It's difficult to put any trait into perspective until you've had it. This alliance is just mind blowingly caring. Many of the leaders are actually literally related and they do make it feel like a family. I have been with them over a year and I still am never bored with them.
  • We sure as hell arnt a massive alliance like Many of the pro level ones, but we have our fair share of high level players. We vary from rediculous ruby players - to people who would never invest in this game. Personally I have bought about 50$ worth in rubies so I'm a little above average I'd say. But any level of spending players are more than welcome!
  • Good luck finding members! :)

    Member of the Dragons Fusion family (not the main yet) on INT1 working my way up.

    Fine with status requests, badge giveaways, and GL shoutouts.


    Lackluster description, but this isn't Facebook.

    ~ Shogun

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