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Change game name, change of legend points in defense ,Storm Royal capital,Alliance recruitment Sp

1:Change of game  name  

AS we have  many  players  with  different  name  but most  players  have wrong names because  they dont take serious name at  start 

I would  like  to point  out if good game  give  1 time  player  a  chance  to changed name  that will be great  

You can changed name after  legend Level(100)   
legend level 100  i said  because that will show  this player  is active  and is  not  dead player  or  any double account like some  people  use  small  level  account  to Bully  big levels  players  

2:  change  of  legend  points  

we  all know  that if  we use 120 points  on attack  we  get  wave 5  that allow more army  like 300

But  on other hand if you use 120 legend points on defense  that only allow 10%  more army  on wall  

That 10%  is  only  40  to 50  army  where as at wave  5 is 300  army  that is  unfair  for  defender  

wave 5 and wave 6  are used now  for  bully  others  small players  who  are not so  strong  that lead  players  to leave  game 

Think about it  

3: storm Royal  capital  

Storm  stay  for  30  days  ggs should changed this  to 2  months  and bring royal capital at storm for  like 55  days  
that royal capital  allow us  Renegade  both mele and ranged  i know  we can buy them at storm  but  will be good if ggs do that its fast  and good for  attack and capturing  rvs  only allow for  royal capital holder  alliance

4:Alliance army  recruitment Speed  

as we have  many  things in alliance  speed for attack  defense  but  will be good if  we have  alliance  speed for army  

200k  rubies and some wood stone for 24 hours or 12 hours  so  players can make army more faster  then before  

let your comment   any thing event  is against  me  
Tefaaa @ WWW 2


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    1. you can change your username by contacting support, seen a few players changed their names by doing so.
    Empire Knights on UK1.

    On and off.

    this is my ask thread: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/296736/ask-vamp-3#latest

    I know you're wearing thin down to the core.

    So hold your breath.

  • The top player changes their name.
    A 'new player' no one has ever heard of is at the top of everything.
    Is the leader of one of the best alliances
    The alliance members don't know who this person is and the person may be impersonating their old leader who 'disappeared'
    They still aren't convinced the person is who he/she says they are.

    Don't think that will play out well.

    Please reduce the size of your signature.

    Sir Wodan

  • I can guess who it is, but really we will never know.

    Yeah the other waves are broken we all know that, a mod told me they were working on balancing it, but really it will never happen most likely.

    Is there really a point to the storm capital? The units are not that good, it will reset all the time. 
    Decedance, Sleaze and Excess

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