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Shower Cap 

By: Tree Hugger

Oh sweet glistening shower cap    

I fill you with my love

After I have completed the fap

And then you smell like a sweet sweet Dove

And now I see why

when I am in the moist and damp shower

You keep me dry

Unlike a Flower after April Showers.



  • Just why....why man.
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    Tips of Beauty. 

    Nipple o nipple why so beautiful?

    Thy red is my sunset, thy point is like the mountains, regal and majestic.

    All I want to do is suck thy bountiful fruit.

    Have thou ever blow dried they nipple?

    Doth thou know it feels like heaven.

    Thy tips are what the epitome of beauty, they tower above the valleys of the chest,

    As the light as the cream in cream puffs.

    -LS, and CP

    Lord septimus @us1
  • This is truly a piece of art.

    Why do you have stupid artifacts from things like the Roman and Persian empire in museums? Why do we have things like dinosaur fossils in museums?

    This is what belongs in museums.

    Tree Hugger poetry.
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  • This triggered me,

    Here's some better music for the mood:

    Decedance, Sleaze and Excess
  • Decedance, Sleaze and Excess
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    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I have to edit this.

    Your mum's facebook will do

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  • Guys please try to keep it PG.


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  • Tad late for that John, think of the message here...
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    What's it gone be
    Whatcha you gone see
    Bunch of posers
    And a few hosers





    Dirty white shirts make me wanna lurk and make her hurt.
    While wearing a smirk.....


    Dirty white shirts make me wanna lurk and make her hurt.
    While wearing a smirk.....
    Good poems only please.
    Damn, I guess I can't make one then.

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  • Spilled Milk-

    On this day years ago,

    A mistake was made that no one could undo,

    The people were hurt, vile & fraught,

    Now too late for the condom once bought,

    From this fault a creature was born,

    Forever kept were the secrets hence sworn,

    Its name was Graz, that's right Graz,

    So sent was I from times long past,

    To let you know the truth at last,

    Tempus is your father, Atticus too,

    Don't try me boy, I know kung fu.
    So beautiful :')

    you have channeled the aura of Shakespeare himself.
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    There once was a spammer

    her name was miss bee bee

    she didn't post just marked spam

    when she post it was unlegible crap

    obviously fake

    pls go

    dis poem is lit doe
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  • Closets

    By: Tree Hugger

    In the closet I go

    In the closet is my foe

    His name was R kelly and he was locked in

    Now we were both locked in, and must work together like kin

    To esacape this prison of willow and plastic

    the time passed easier, because kelly's singing voice was fantastic

    He said lets never leave this closet and to the ground we crashed

    on the ground with R&B singer R.Kelly I Smashed.

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