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If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

The Fall of the Empire

Setting: In a foreign land, a corrupt king took over the throne. His name was King Moon, and he was followed by 9 of his best lords. The people were most upset by this, as their old king was nice and didn't place harsh taxes on them. Little did they know, many people were willing to risk their lives to overthrow the king.


(Yes, I found this on google images, but I thought this was a good representation of what I was thinking of)

1. Give everyone time to introduce their characters, the more backstory the better.
2. Be humble and don't make your characters do absurdly impossible things.
3. Have Fun!
Sir Alonne has arrived, all stand beside!


  • DiMarko was sitting in the corner of an empty, barren room. Baring only a shoddy robe and sandals, things looked to be bad. He had been in his cell for nearly a year, following his conviction of petty theft in the market. The king had originally issued a pardon, but Sir Alonne, one of the Kings' royal lords, had convinced the King that DiMarko belonged behind bars. Now marking the wall with his knife, he recorded the 400th slash collected among many other. DiMarko was depressed, sullen, and lonely. Now he yearned to be free, and was determined to get to the outside world. But, as it had been for 400 days, there was no way to escape the cell.
    Sir Alonne has arrived, all stand beside!
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    The tiny star flickered brightly, expanding and contracting in erratic rhythm.  Its shiny ebb and flow grew larger and brighter with each pulse.  Soon it was accompanied by myriad sounds; nothing discernible, just a din of noise that grew to an almost painful crescendo.  It was then that Vanden knew he was in trouble.  As the almost-blinding light and deafening roar grew ever greater, he tried to reflect a moment on what brought him here.

    It wasn't easy; clear thought seemed a commodity hard to come by.  But as he pieced the events together things came back more quickly.  What had started out as a fun night of gambling and wooing the lady folk with harmless enchantment spells ended up with him lying unceremoniously in the dank gutter of the central bazaar with a splitting headache and too many aching joints to count.  Once again his fondness for drink had undone whatever success he'd had last night.

    Sore and feeling just a bit dejected, Vanden raised himself to a sitting position on the curb, waiting for his surroundings to stop spinning.  If only spells cured hangovers.

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  • Leonard gulped down his goose meat, the fat dribbling from his lips.
    "So, how was training sweetie?" asked Leonard's mother.
    "It was fine, I guess." mumbled Leonard.
    His mother looked pointedly at his father.
    "Son, is something wrong?" asked his father.
    "Okay then." shrugged his father. 
    "Moon!" exclaimed his mother.
    "What?" asked Moon, "He said there wasn't anything wrong."
    His mother rolled her eyes, "Common sweetie, tell us."
    "I told you, noting is wrong!"
    "See?" said Moon.
    "Alright sweetie, just tell us if there is something wrong." said his mother, retreating.
    Leonard ignored them, scowling at his supper, That was a close call, you need to keep your self under control. Thought Leonard, scolding himself mentally. He slowed his breathing, as his father had taught him to do, "A helpful concentrating technique." he'd called it, Strangely it works. thought Leonard to himself, smiling internally. 


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


  • DiMarko settled down, staring at the 400 marks in the wall.
    "No Escape", he whispered to himself.
    "No Escape"
    Sir Alonne has arrived, all stand beside!
  •        Steponrayman,  as was named by his father , a lad with big feet, tall lad, strong of heart.  A bit stubborn, but kind wishing to help anyone in need. He watched as the knights in the clearing near the castle played with swords in sport. So he stepped softly to the window of the cell, dropping bag of tools to DiMarko.  Say youy'd to get out of there? Maybe these can help. & heres a map to freedom & some horses will be waiting for you. Hurry.
  •               As DiMarko  frees himself from his jail cell.    He heads for the horses & his freedom. As he reach them he is met by Steponrayman, I see you've made it Sire.   I wish ye well Sire.   Dimarko  bids farewell, & rides for his home.   Steponrayman mounts his black steed to head for Steponville Castle..........
  • Cormyria (US1)Cormyria (US1) Posts: 1,807
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    meanwhile far away in the frozen northern edge of the province a black cloaked rider drove his dire courser through the dark and foggy night with a message clutched to his couriers pouch . lights and lanterns are turned at the riders approach but he does not slow his desperate and lonely sprint through the dead of night to stop at any inns or taverns along his route no matter how welcoming their lanterns may beckon him .... Instead he spurs his frothing steed with every township he passes through as if time and hell itself where driving him faster towards a horrid and unavoidable fate ....

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     "Not dead which eternal lie through stranger eons DEATH MAY DIE"....beckon the call....
      If PEACE is not your OBJECTIVE there is NO REASON to go to WAR ...

    NOW SERVING  up TWO FISTS full of JUSTICE ..... @ Five Points Congregate ....

  •                 The steed black as night with hooded rider, speeds ever faster as with the wings of fate to carry the message to reach the King that a great army of evil Barbarians are amassing & marching to attack the once peaceful villages.  A cry of "To Arms all able Warriors, Let loose the Dogs of War"!!!!!!!!!
  • Cormyria (US1)Cormyria (US1) Posts: 1,807
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    bells of alarm sound in the kingdom's northern watch towers and warning fires are lit first one and then the other as one by one the alarm is raised across the countryside . Doors are locked and bolted heavy as the news of a great dire wolf raiding barbarian towers and laying waste to outlying settlements strikes fear into the hearts of even the boldest warriors as one by one the bold and foolish arm themselves and ride north to meet their fates .....

     "Not dead which eternal lie through stranger eons DEATH MAY DIE"....beckon the call....
      If PEACE is not your OBJECTIVE there is NO REASON to go to WAR ...

    NOW SERVING  up TWO FISTS full of JUSTICE ..... @ Five Points Congregate ....

  •             The hooded messager, watches as the armies of the Barbarians hordes fall, Striken by the claws Wolfe & Lion warriors.   Screams of terror are carried away by the howling chilling biting winds of wars.   The hooded figure with blazing blade drawn rides down a line of barbarian archers.  They lay on the frozen ground, littering the carpet of once white snow, now turned red , like the blood red moon shining in the night sky. ..........A Wolfe Howls.....A Lion Roars......A hooded Messenager of War rides ever onward..................
  •           Darkness hung over the city, a blanket of shadows, obscuring all light. The creatures of the darkness prowled through the night, and the one beacon of hope shone in the sky. A mansion stood amidst the city, armed guards patrolled the grounds, keeping at bay any thief that may try their luck. Inside the mansion, the servants rested, trying to get as much sleep as possible before they started early the next day. The King and his Queen slept in their lavishly decorated quarters, they would be hosting a great feast the next day, where all of the neighboring nobles would adjourn, so they needed to be fit and well rested.
              A rope suddenly swung out of the window on the second story of the left wing, it dangled out the window, landing on the ground with a soft thump. Soft enough to not be heard through the nearby guard's helmet. A shadowy figure slid down the rope, landing next to the guard. He stealthily crept behind the guard, wrapping the rope around itself to be stowed in his knapsack. The dark figure wore black leather boots, a black cloak, dark trousers, and a grey shirt, his best night wear. He stowed away into the night, vaulting over the short outer wall, and evading the guards. He moved like a cat, creeping through the bushes on the sides of the roads. He dodged past several rundown homes before turning off onto a dirt road, passing the great oak tree, and stealing into the abandoned research tower.
              The wooden floor boards creaked beneath his feet as he ascended the winding staircase to the top floor of the tower. Moonlight filtered through a gaping hole in the roof. Abandoned equipment lay strewn across the floor. Bats screeched above him, hanging upside down from the rafters high above in the shadows, the place reeked of bat dung.
              "Hello darkness my old friend." boomed the cloaked figure to the shadows.
              "What do we do?" responded the darkness in a soft, silky voice. The man jumped slightly, he was always startled when this happened, he always half expected to actually be crazy, though he was always proven wrong.
              "We must do what must be done." responded the man.
              "Who are you, man cloaked in shadows?"
              "It is I, Leonard."
              Figures emerged from the darkness, they were ruff, scruffy looking, and not somebody Leonard would want to have a run in with in a dark place.
              "Welcome Leonard!" sang the voice of a girl.
              "It's good to see you again Aurora!" rejoiced Leonard.
              Aurora was a young girl, about Leonard's age, with pure blonde hair, a graceful gate, and a slender figure. Her voice was like honey, and her eyes as striking as lightning. And Leonard was in love. The two embraced, enjoying one moment of peace. The two had known each other for many years, since they were young children. At first they had been playmates, but as the two got older, Leonard's father began to split them apart. "You are a prince, and she is nothing more then a peasant," he'd scolded him, "find someone that would help our family, not ruin it." then he'd forbidden them from seeing one another. That was seven years ago, when Leonard had been nine. But the two had continued to visit one another faithfully.
              The two finally broke apart, "How many?" asked Leonard, his expression turning grim.
              "A hundred." reported Aurora, "There are many more in the barn."
              "Are they armed?"
              "With what we could find."
              "It will have to do."


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


  •            As the hooded messenager rides swift as the wind, he nears a ruin of an ole barn.   Torches lighten the darkness, the rider leaps from his steed,  creeping toward the side of the barn, Rexx hears the voices of the farmers grouped inside,.    They say that are waiting for prince Leonard & Aurora, to lead them in battle. Rexx counts around a 100, armed with pitch forks, rakes, & other farm tools.    Rexx reaches into his cape for a list of weapons, that are stored near by.   He wraps it around an arrow, he draws his bow & fires the arrow thru an open door of the ole barn.   It sticks in the wall next to a young lad.    The boy takes it to the head farmer,  what's this asks the man, the boy shakes his head as he is mute from birth.   The man reads the note,  he tells the others we must show this to Prince Leonard & Aurora.    It may make a great difference in the battle...............I must warn Jedi Lion Warrior Stepray...& FENRIR............more war is coming...........
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
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    Some days are worth remembering, rejoicing in the simple good fortunes that come along from time to time.  This was not one of those days.  Vanden knew he was in trouble the moment he awoke that morning: hung over with a splitting headache, uncomfortably sore in more joints than he knew he had, and sporting an empty purse that hung limply from his belt.  "Foolden," his peers would call him.  Perhaps finally, they were right.

    Having blundered his way haphazardly through a mage apprenticeship many years ago, Vanden took for granted some of the innate skills he was fortunate enough to have.  Rather than lock himself away for years on end studying hundreds of dusty, moth-eaten tomes, he preferred to actually live life.  The other mages in the austere, secretive Society of Arcane Magics held little regard for him; they would rather grow old getting paper cuts on their fingers than do anything useful out in the world.  But for Vanden, the open air, freedom to spend his days as he saw fit, and his proclivity toward plump young ladies and decent drink were things to be cherished, not shunned.  Granted, it had gotten him into more than one situation where he'd have to carefully extricate himself, but at least they were fun.

    Tonight however, he seemed more the fool.  This empty purse was going to be a problem because the Moon Goons (as the corrupt King Moon's personal guard and tax collectors were called by the town's populace) had been expecting their extortion payments for over a week.  Without a payment, they took what they wanted without any semblance of fairness, or they took you out for punching and kicking practice.  Not fun.  Enchanting his purse to look full of coin and gems crossed his mind, but he immediately ruled that out as an option.  Enchantments work wonders for many occasions, but the effects are ephemeral: concentration must be maintained unless it's an enchantment that had been prepared for some time.  The guards would discover the trick soon after, then he would have the entire lot of them after his head.  No, he was going to have to come up with the money or otherwise avoid being on the receiving end of the Moon Goons' attention until a solution presented itself.  The King was not a popular man, but his hold on the town seemed quite strong.

    As he made his way quickly through the dark, cobbled streets back to the society's guild house, Vanden began putting together a plan to either earn or otherwise acquire the needed coins.  His path eventually took him by the left wing of the King's mansion estate; he would have to avoid any confrontations along the way.

    Nearing the left wing, he saw one of the Goon guards patrolling the grounds, and paused to recite a few incantations.  The guard's ears would now register no noise and his eyes would see no sights except for what was expected.  Maintaining his focus, Vanden made his way through the shadows past the guard when he noticed a dark, cloaked figure drop almost silently to the ground, a rope trailing behind.  Vanden moved further back into the shadows, but kept his eyes on the newcomer.  He looked young, but determined.  It was too dark to discern anything else.  Was there an assassination attempt on the King?  Or was the Queen seeing someone secretively in her chambers?  Intrigued, Vanden considered this an interesting trail to follow...


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    I hunt by scent and my enemies have named themselves . it was foolish of me to let the wraith rider escape my jaws less than a fortnight ago but it will not matter now that I know the serpents weakness if they seek the sword Garm also called Excalibur it is up too me to make sure that it isn't in the Midgard wold for one second longer . the wraith rider will travel  south and cry "wolf" to the ears of a frightened tyrant and I will travel elsewhere with the sword Excalibur clenched firmly in my jaws .....

     "Not dead which eternal lie through stranger eons DEATH MAY DIE"....beckon the call....
      If PEACE is not your OBJECTIVE there is NO REASON to go to WAR ...

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  •                     Rexx senses he is being watched, he slips into the shadows, putting his climbing rope & hook into his black back pack.  He makes a mental note of the messenager that the Queen had spoken to about the Sword Excalibur, she said that she feared that Fenrir had taken it.   Well at least it safer with the Wolfe of War than the mortals that lusted for its power.    As Rexx, moves softly thru the night, King Moon's Goons are patroling the Castle Moonstruck's courtyard, from the shadows he spies, a figure, the man moves like, a knight named Vanden,  I remember seeing him getting drunk, dancing with a buxom lass at the local pub, the lass had lifted his money leaving his purse empty.      Vanden was still looking at the last spot, Rexx had left, when he stepped out behind Vanden, say did you drop this bag of gems by chance???   Who are you he asked?  I'm Rexx a messenager/spy/& all around rover of the realm, sometimes warrior for hire.  And you like wine, buxom lasses & adventure, right?      Well I know where we can find a Flaming Sword of the Lighting...........Interested????
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    "Did you drop this bag of gems by chance???"
    What the... Vanden whirled around, startled by the whisper from over his shoulder.

    Standing less than a meter away, Rexx introduced himself.  A shadow within the shadows, he was offering him his lost money purse and a chance of adventure.  After some discussion (and much relief), Vanden realized Rexx was right where he had been looking just moments earlier and mistook Vanden's gaze as having been focused on him.  Sensing no magic in play, Vanden knew this meant there were two people beside himself skulking past the castle.  Were they working together or unaware of each other?

    Apparently neither.  In fact Rexx appeared very interested to hear about this other figure, though Vanden suspected Rexx knew his probably identity.  Vanden looked over his shoulder to point him out, but the unknown newcomer was gone.  Nevertheless, Rexx appeared to be anxious to follow him. 

    Vanden shook his head and laughed with silent amusement.  Fortune was his today with the return of his coin, why not accept what fate had dealt and join the adventure?  He asked for Rexx's patience as he made his way to the Society of Arcane Magics, chose one of the swifter of the tractable mares from the stable, and followed Rexx's lead.

    And followed.  And followed some more.

    Eventually, dim haloes of yellow luminescence in the distance appeared to signal something to Rexx, who asked that he dismount and follow quietly.  Vanden did so, observing the speed with which Rexx was able to maneuver closer to an old barn in the distance.  With alarm he noticed Rexx reaching inside his cape to pull forth a bow and brace of arrows.  He could not see whom Rexx had targeted, but feared for the worst as the the arrow swished through the darkness.  Surely the spy / messenger / errant knight wasn't also an assassin working for King Moon?

    No cries of alarm emanated from the building, and Rexx seemed to be content with just the one arrow.  Time for some answers.

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    A man stepped outside, buck naked and smelling of alcohol. A chair flew above his head 

    "How many times do I need to tell you! Not when I'm asleep" a voice screamed

    Sniffing, the man swiped some clothes from the neighbouring house and went on his way, whistling a tune.
  • Cormyria (US1)Cormyria (US1) Posts: 1,807
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    little does this man know that though he is feeling safe and jovial now without any force left in the world to oppose it even as the scribe pens these words the dark serpent ophidian gathers in the shadows of his every falling footstep as he makes his way down the narrow cobblestones he does not notice the dying of the light behind him . He turns for a moment and is forced to scavenge for a coat to draw around him not to cover his shameful nakedness but as if to ward off a chill even though there is no wind to stir the gathering leaves .... somewhere in the shadows of a nearby corridor silent nods and poisoned blades are exchanged by a very shady pack of ill mannered ruffians and deeper still beneath the city sewers a crawling chaos begins to stir and grow and hunger  ......

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     "Not dead which eternal lie through stranger eons DEATH MAY DIE"....beckon the call....
      If PEACE is not your OBJECTIVE there is NO REASON to go to WAR ...

    NOW SERVING  up TWO FISTS full of JUSTICE ..... @ Five Points Congregate ....

  •             I admit to being a inperfect person.  I understand that you need answers, well the short story is that I'm also a hunter/ ranager/spy/Knight/adventurer, well as they say, a jack of alot of trades, but not an assassin.   I do not kill unless needed.   So you may put away your worries.   Those souls in the barn are fighting a war against the Serpent Queen Ophidian & her evil horde, the skeleton armies, of the dead doomed souls she controls are marching, this way.  The man that just saw running naked, drunken, jolly as a pirate on shore leave, is one of her soldiers.  The mob of vile ruffians with poisoned blades, are allies of the vile snake an evil sorceress that is plotting to take over everything, she lusts for power.  She seeks to bend all to her will.     Fenrir is hunting her as well, I've crossed paths with her as she can transform into anything, & look like anyone,  say don't look at me, I not her,  yea I know one can't be too careful.   Rexx tells Vanden, as they draw near the ole watchtower, .    Rexx pulls out his crossbow pistol, loads a bolt with a rope & hook, aims at an open window, fires the rope sails thru the window, lands without a sound.   Rexx tests the rope, it holds, He tells Vanden you go first, I'll hold the rope steady, Vanden climbs quickly, enters the window, Rexx follows,  soon they both find themselves in a very large room full of ole armor, helmets, swords, & shields,.    Whoa, look at all this stuff, says Vanden, we've found weapons fit for a king's army................Wait warn's Rexx, something is not right here, this place was empty, a few days ago, but now full of all these weapons................What's going on here?.................
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    Lights ahead.

    The lone stranger stiffened slightly as he crested the hill and looked upon a rather small town. Small as it is, it was a town nonetheless. And towns were where trade was present, where supplies were bought, where travel stained souls may rest. It took a some searching and a lot of squinting for the Stranger to pick out the inn. The two story building that appeared to be just behind the castle gates.

    The Stranger leaned down, over the neck of his steed and whispered into the horse's ear.

    "We're here, Kindle."
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