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Update Questions and Feedback: Of Willows and Gems



  • were is willows???
    Tuebor @ usa 1
  • were is willows...not in my construction menu?/
    Tuebor @ usa 1
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    Just to clarify due to a few questions popping up here and there;

    1) The Willow will be available after the update, it isn't live yet.

    2) It will cost rubies (Willow)

    3) The Alliance rewards part of the patch notes actually refers to online activity. If a player is inactive for too long, they won't receive rewards.

    4) The Willow will start with 200 PO, increasing with level.

    If I missed anything else, do let me know!


  • Sent you a pm steve
  • So annoying that the camp changes level. i have lost a lot of troops and wasted tools on camps which give a different battle report to the spy report. not happy.
    titan1989 @ WWW 1
  • UEW (ASIA1)UEW (ASIA1) Posts: 6
    edited 25.02.2016
    Get Old berimond Back....
    This one Sucks badly.....

    Please remove the less coins looting update from all events from beri / Nomad / Samurae etc etc

    Or else many many players will leave game including me!!!
  • Goselotje (NL1)Goselotje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 295
    Willow seems to cost rubies, another building which only give benefit to a ruby player.

    When I started the game about 4,5 years ago, it was fun,
    Differences between ruby and no ruby were never so big as it is now.
    As no ruby player you were able to defeat a ruby player with attacking and defending

    Also respect for other players is gone, during wars we receive sometimes awful messages (discrimination, death wishes and other of threats). Goodgame Empire is a game but for some "fat" ruby players it seems to be real life.

    Sometimes I wish that GGS will do an update "back to basics"

    Gossie @ spilgames int_1
    Finally back where I belong in Legion
  • GGE Please make this game interesting for nun ruby buyers,,,,,

    Dont get that much GREEDY please this is not goood for Non ruby buyer.....
  • Dont have prob with ruby buildings BUT WITH SOME OFFERS LIKE POINT BOOSTERS which give them great edge over non ruby guys :|
    srocks90 @ in 1
  • Can I know the real aim of this Stupid Update of Berimond coming in Great Empire?

    The camps level change randomly , we dont have enough place to set our tools , leading to high losses of attackers....

    We keep killing our thousands and thousands of troops just for some 3k coins and mere no. of kingdom resources?

    Well , its an idea , PLZ ROLL BACK THIS EVENT 

  • Increase the number of tools slots it must be 40-50-30 but you guysmade it 30-40-30 which malkes impossible to use wooden tools
  • just trying to clarify as some of the players seem to be confused, the berimond kingdom (old beri) is still there, this new berimond event is only an additional event.
    Empire Knights on UK1.

    On and off.

    this is my ask thread: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/296736/ask-vamp-3#latest

    I know you're wearing thin down to the core.

    So hold your breath.

  • Damn I don't get it. Why are you keep doing new updates instead of fixing bugs? Every update you introduced in game has had at least one bug for 1 year. At least make one per month, but do it right.

    And about new update, berimond sounds ok, the rewards only for active mates ok. But let's see what freaky update youput. As always, you announce us just a few things, but when we see the new stuffs it's something different, lol.

    Trisez @ ro 1
  • saka666 (RO1)saka666 (RO1) RO1 Posts: 4
    edited 25.02.2016
    Almost no coins at all in berimond and a lot of soldiers die when you attack the towers.

  • makale (AU1)makale (AU1) Posts: 197
    edited 25.02.2016
    I used to think that GGE was just chasing money, now  I KNOW they are just a bunch of filthy chiselling *******!! Charging 1500 rubies to remove a jewel when they charged for putting it on in the first place!! so you pay to put on the first one, when you get better jewels, you get charged for taking it off, then charged again for putting on the new gem. Heard of double charging, but this is triple FFS !!!!
    makale @ au 1
  •  Charging 1500 rubies to remove a jewel when they charged for putting it on in the first place!!
    Well... Removin lvl11 stone is 137k rubies. Soooo, be very very careful how you put your gems so you dont have to remove them.

    The bakery-inflation sees like peanuts when compared to this money-pit GG calls "updated" berimond....
    zeque @ skn 1
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    @Beatriz5 (INT2) Don't worry, negative feedback is completely fine. However, saying that our team have a disability, and painting that disability in a negative light is noooot really valuable feedback, or welcome on these forums.

    Try to keep it constructive.


  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,834
    250k + to remove a level 12 gem!!!

    I think the option to just delete the gem should still be there. I dont really want to pay rubies to remove a low level gem, however can see the benefit in paying ruby to keep a higher level gem, but come on I think your prices are a little off.

    Hundreds of thousands of ruby for removing a gem you already paid quite a lot for. By all means make it expensive enough to make players think twice before swapping and changing gems but really?

    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Hi all, I've read all the point of views, comments etc and decided to make a revised summary that gives the complete feedback to this update.
           First, about the gem removal process, it was a really good update but the costs are way too high as it costs more than 10k rubies to remove a level 7 gem from a piece of equipment. This would have been better off with the prices low...
          Secondly, comes " The Willow of Experience ",  7500 rubies for 200 PO and a 10% increase of experience earned is again way too high and anyways, a 10% increase is not of any use. It is as useless as the "Glory Memorial" is.
          Players needing to be active to earn alliance reward is a very good update as that would increase the amount of activity present in an alliance. I personally like it as an alliance leader, as I really feel activity is important in an alliance.
          And at last comes the New Berimond. I know I am not supposed to discuss about this in this thread but still, I would like to add this here. The old Berimond was way better because the new one is just another form of samurai/nomads. The only difference is that you have two types of camps and can choose to participate in a faction. Basically, the New Berimond is a waste of time and it also makes it harder to stock up on tools to participate in other events.

    And at last, a suggestion :
    The one minute warning about the server downtime gives the players almost  no time to finish what they have been doing. I would suggest you give a 15 minutes warning and then at last a final 5 minute warning. 
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  • le`s all delete our accounts .. and let them play this game alone ... 

    3k of coins ..a medium 70 soldiers lost each atac..  you need to atac 300 times to finish one event red or blue..

    that means 21k of soldiers lost for each side ...

    This is to much ..

    Magaru68 @ ZAMOLXES
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