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Why does the samurai castellan have more than 90% in ranged?

You only need to upgrade the weapon a few times it seems, and then the samurai castellan is already 90% i ranged. Did goodgames make a mistake in calculating the bonusses? Cause all their other unique sets hit 90% ranged and 90% melee exactly.
MrKennyKRH lvl 800 @ skn 1

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  • I don't know, maybe this one is just supposed to be easier.
    Pieman US1
  • it has other bonuses on each piece that also need upgrading to a certain point so is not a mstake and proberbly ment to be there

    not like its a problem anyway you cant get anymore than 90%
  • Lord septimus (US1)Lord septimus (US1) Posts: 775
    edited 04.02.2016
    You can still make it a 90/90 but you need to max tech the melee pieces. 

    Which is way better then having to max tech all 4 pieces. lol
    Lord septimus @us1
  • Its random each time for every different NPC
    fierydemon @ en 1
    Playing since 2013
  • yes. You need to get the 2 melee pieces to lvl 20 from technicus and you will get 90/90 commander/castellan
  • Perryl (AU1)Perryl (AU1) Posts: 1,234
    Several sets go over 90 ranged or melee. I'm not sure if it's intentional or just bad math by the devs.

    Several sets also go to 86/90 or 90/86 which is quite maddening.
    perryl @ USA1 
    Perryl @ UK1 and AU1 

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