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How do I ask my alliance for help?

As a daily task I am encouraged to ask my alliance for help 1 time. When I click on show me it takes me to a recruit display but I do not how to ask my alliance for help. Can anyone help?



  • http://prntscr.com/9l878z
    but for me its gray because I already asked.

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  • It was not on the daily tasks today so I did them all and got 250 rubies woohoo.
  • I still cannot ask my alliance for help, clicking the alliance icon does not help. I am able to help others in my alliance but not ask for it myself.
  • kajacro (GB1)kajacro (GB1) Posts: 181GB1
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    http://prntscr.com/9p3f98 In the recruit window, press the blue +1 button; same when healing.
    kajacro @ en 1

  • Ok so where can i click help to ask alliance?

  • Ok so where can i click help to ask alliance?
    You're on the wrong tab. See the ladder tab with the green background? above that tab is the 2 swords, click on it and you will be on the troop recruitment page (Barracks). Recruit a troop of your choice and you will see the help request button in the exact location inside the red circle. Hope that helps.


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