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The Great Halloween Horrorfest 2015

CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626

"Darkness falls across the land 
The midnight hour is close at hand 
Creatures crawl in search of blood 
To terrorize y'alls neighborhood "

Spooky things are happening, Lords and Ladies! Halloween is fast approaching, and to coincide with the upcoming Halloween event in Empire, we're hosting a ghoulish contest for you to sink your fangs into!

This year, we want to really get into the spirit of Halloween. What is that spirit, you may ask?  Treats, spookiness, obnoxiously cheesy music and above all fiendish fun!

So we're opening the floor for this contest to absolutely everyone on our forums, and the task is super simple:

Send us something super Spooky!

That's all! It can be anything at all, just as long as it's spooky! Write us a poem about a ragtag bunch of pumpkin warriors, send us a bloodstained portrait you've drawn, pumpkins you've carved, costumes you'll be wearing this year, Thriller dances even! Anything and everything Spooky, we want to see your creativity shine and scare. Just post it in this thread and away we go!

Of course, there has to be some sort of reward......

For our first place winner, we've got a super exclusive prize. With tomorrow's Halloween event, there will be a special new Look item introduced into the game, available through this event, the Wand of Disguise. You guessed it, the most creative (First Place) entry that really makes us shiver (or smile!) will receive a Wand of Disguise of their very own.

We'll choose THREE winners over all though, and the reward tiers will be as follows:

2nd Place: 
10,000 Rubies + 30 Wheel of Fortune Tickets
3rd Place: 5000 Rubies + 15 Wheel of Fortune Tickets

Halloween is a time for mayhem and mischief, but we've gotta have some rules too:

1) Every entry must be ORIGINAL content. Please don't just take things off the internet, we'll be checking!
2) Only ONE entry per person. You can of course, send us multiple efforts, but they'll only be counted as one entry.
3) Keep things clean, as always.

That's it! The competition begins RIGHT NOW! We'll close it on Halloween itself, at around 4pm CET (Saturday 31st), so you've got plenty of time to send us your entries!

Best of luck Ghouls and Ghoulettes,

Have a spoopy evenin',




  • Poem entry for competition:

    Halloween Poem:

    When all is dark, pitch black at night,

    Monsters pop out and give you a fright.

    There are ghouls and demons,

    Approach them if you dare,

    But be aware, you shall be in for a terrible scare.

    When the clock strikes midnight,

    Oh what a terrible view,

    For the zombies come out,

    From the burial ground.

    They walk around,

    Killing the kids,

    Enjoying their ribs.


    So be ware of this frightful day,

    Stay inside,

    Keep those monsters away.


  • afen (US1)afen (US1) Posts: 29
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    we'll cut of you head , put candle to it
    for we are pumpkin warriors

    we are not afraid horrors
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    fast as lightning
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    we will help, only for a price
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    hide your kids, hid your gold, hide your stone, hide your wood because will take
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    we are here to stay, there's nothing you can do about it
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    zombies ha
    for we are the pumpkin warriors

    just give up for
     we are the pumpkin warriors

    not sure if this is a song or a poem.
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  • Happy Halloween everyone,
    wishing you guys a spooky evening! :dizzy: 
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  • Petyr Baelish (IN1)Petyr Baelish (IN1) Posts: 428
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    The Story of the Boar Guard

    I am sure you have all heard the story of the Pig King, that wonderful King which ruled o'er the Empire so long long ago. But I am sure you have not heard the terrible, terrible story of the Boar Guard.

    The Boar Guard was created to defend the Pig King, in life, and... in death. The King's advisors had used the power of the necromancer (interestingly, the strain induced through the great use of making Immortal Boars was what turned the necromancer mad and caused him to invade King Rudolph's kingdoms) to make the Boar Guard both immortal and undead.

    The great problem started when the Pig King died. The court had no idea what to do with these terrible creatures! However, the problem settled itself one night...

    I'm sure you've also heard of the Prince the Pig King deposed. The Prince, still infuriated over the loss of his kingdom, went to the Pig King's tomb, opened it up, cooked the Pig King, and ate him!!! However, what the Prince did not know was that the Boar Guard was near!

    When the terrible Boars came across the Prince and saw the terrible thing he had done, their Captain, Lord Snout of the Boar Guard, took out his mighty axe and cleaved the terrible Prince in two!

    That is not the end, however; they then took out their noble King's pieces from the Prince's stomach, and replaced them inside the tomb, crying small tears all the while. Afterwards, the cut up the Prince's body, and burned it, and spread the ashes, preventing his burial.

    They still, even till today, roam the night with their mighty axes, searching for anyone who would act dishonorably.

    Or so the stories say.....
    Don't take my insults seriously.

    I'm quite high-strung.

  • neil33 (GB1)neil33 (GB1) Posts: 1,762
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    Feeling a little creative so I will give it a go LOL...

    Halloween is no place for a Queen,
    If she goes there, she's bound for a scream,
    It'll be worse than having a terrible dream,
    Now hush fair lady, while I show you my rhyming scheme.

    I'll opt for rap, now listen to my Halloween track :

    As I walk through the hallways of this haunted house,
    I hear nothing but a sweak of that tiny mouse,
    Just as I smell that rotting hell,
    of burning flesh, I suddenly see the devil,
    He's surrounded by his army of skeletons,
    ready to take me, under that old willow tree,
    Suddenly a knock appears at the door,
    It creaks open, to reveal nothing but the floor,
    Thats when the wind came, flooding through the window,
    To my surprise, it was a ghastly squad,
    Gouls and ghosts, here suspending me like a light in a post,
    I cannot go nowhere, I am forever trapped,
    The witch then comes, standing in the doorway alone,
    She waves her wand, and claims this is her land,
    A magical spell puts me under her hand,
    I feel my strength drain with a lot of pain,
    Thats when the pumpkin screamed and convinced me, that I was insane
    I was just hoping this was a terrible dream.

    Just that minute  I was awoke by a scream,
    It seems I have transformed into that fear-filled Queen,
    Seems the witch gave me a curse,
    Now I will scream, until I leave in a hearse.


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  • SKINK (AU1)SKINK (AU1) Posts: 690
    Poem Entry:

    Night has fallen over the city 
    Not a soul in sight 
    All is well for now...

    The clock strikes 12:00
    And out of the darkness emerges
    Your worst nightmare!

    Skeletons rising from beneath their graves
    Werewolves rising from their tombs
    Sinister witches riding on their magic brooms

    Lock you doors and pray with all your might
    That a Ghoul wont pay you a visit 
    And give you a fright

    But wait the witches, skeletons and werewolves are not in sight
    For the night is over and out in the horizon is sunlight

    Their night is now over
    Humans coming out from underneath their bed covers

    Until next year arrives
    Ghouls and skeletons will be revived 
    So be brave and be aware
    They will come back and surely
    Give you a scare.

    Thank you for reading poem 
    Wish you all a Great Halloween :):)

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  • ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,836
    Story based on Empire event 'The Thorn king'

    Sounds of Screaming resonated throughout the deep darkness of the depths of the Dungeons. We heard a sword swish through the air, someone had found something. Possibly a rat. Possibly another living dead. The Rats appeared to get along famously with the Living Dead. We continued. Once I saw something move and swung my sword to bear on it, but it was only another Hunter, this is what we were called, a special section of the Prince’s army, tasked to fight to the Lone Spearman. The Man gave a little wave and continued on. We continued on our planned route through the dungeon tower, we had only made it to the second floor, we searched every nook and cranny, but could not find a living soul, or a dead one.


    We then moved onto the next floor, it looked just like the other floors, a littering of skeletons, so ancient, that when we stepped on them, our heavy steel capped boots crunched the bones. They made a sickening sound which would have made us throw up if the circumstances had been different. We proceeded to move through the tower, we suddenly heard a low buzzing sound, as we turned the corner, there was a sight which I will never be able to erase from my mind, one of our fellow comrades body had been separated from his head, the head was lying on the floor, with the skull at the top imploded, it was gruesome to say the least. Where his eyes should have been, there was nothing but empty sockets, still with blood dripping slowly out of them. This had obviously been the work of a new breed of living dead, one more fresh, which still needs to eat, it had slowly devoured the brains and inside of the head through the eye sockets. Flies were buzzing around the body, slowly laying their eggs all over the man’s wounds.


    We continued to move through the Tower, there was nothing more we could do to save the thing that was once our comrade, on the way we saw a few more of the devoured humans. I think I once spotted the armour of a demon horror, which had been shredded to pieces by the claws of an undead. We continued into a huge open space, which must once have been a throne room, the cavern was huge, with a domed ceiling, but on the ceiling was the most terrifying sight I have ever seen. There was a host of Undead hanging upside down gorging on the last remaining few of our comrades from the scouting mission. We stopped in our tracks, only to find blood dripping onto our helmets, seeping through the eye slits making us taste the salty, warm blood of the now dead soldiers. We stopped in our tracks, looking up slowly, resting a spear upright on the floor, slowly, as one undead finished its meal, a head dropped from above, and impaled itself on the spike of one of our comrade’s pikes. He hastily flung the spear away from him, landing with a clanging sound, this gave us the attention of the undead. They suddenly clambered down the sides of the cavern, faster than should be humanly possible, of course, they were not human, so it made sense, we hastily got into an all-round defence formation, as they were coming from all directions. We stabbed, and slashed until we gave up, instead of staying where we were, we hastily slashed our way through the hordes of Undead soldiers towards the exit which we came through, most of my comrades were cut down where they stood, taking the attention of the hungry undead with them, we left them feasting on our comrades. Gradually our numbers depleted, until it was just one final undead and I. I stopped and turned, for the first time seeing my assailant, I recognised the features of the recently converted soldier, which we heard the scream of, I gritted my teeth and slashed left and right, eventually cutting off all of his limbs, but still he came forward, I finally slashed away with one final mighty blow, cutting his head clean off. I had survived, but I knew I was not home free yet, I ran until my legs would not carry me any further, I escaped from the tower, and continued to sprint until I finally collapsed, sobbing at the calamity I had just experienced.

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  • This is how I celebrate my halloweens. I don't write poetry, I don't tell stories. I make my home a cave of horrors, paint myself and hide in the dark, waiting for the trick or treaters to come. I scare some so badly that they refuse to come to my door to retrieve their coveted candy. Aaaaah, halloween. How I love thee.

    coffee guzzling, cookie baking, self baking.....yep that just about covers it

  •                                                                Great Kingdom Defence

    Tonight is the night ,
    when you'll experience the fright.
    So, don't get amused
    Will be scary and confuse
    It's the night of evil throne
    Pumpkin invasion has come
    Empire is under treath
    "Pumpkin Butcher's", they are back
    "Raven Chompers" just woke up
    Ready to settle a trap
    Jack-O-Lantern , pumpkin king
    he just rub he's magic ring
    Pumpkin army is alive
    We are trying to survive
    Castle army on defend
    Dedicated to "The End"
                                                                         Have a spooktacular Halloween! ;)

    P.S :Don't forget to protect your castle from those invaders, kill the pumkins and make an excellent pie :D
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  • Beware...This story will make you read...

    It was Hallow'e'e'n' eve and tomorrow was the scariest night in the beggar's calendar... 'Hallowe'e''e'e''en'...! Edward Teeths the fourth VI was a young baker who lived in the town of. He had just finished a long and arduous day at the cobbler's where he had worked all his life...when he heard a noise: 'Edward...make those brogues a bit quicker won't you!' It was Edward's boss who ran the company so he was in charge of it as manager (boss). Edward hated his boss who was a sarky part-arms. Unbeknownst to Edward's boss, Edward made models of the boss out of butter and mum's clothes and he would pretend to stand up to him in the replica dentist's surgery that he had made in his room to represent where he worked as a Phrenologist: 'No I shan't departmentalize this oversized replica of a head you sarky part-arms''... he would pretend to say. One day Edward was walking home...It was Hallowe''e''e'''e''''e'eee'n night and a mysterious stranger came up to Edward:  'Hello Keith!' said Edward. 'Hello Edward!' said the stranger 'are you cold?' he continued....Edward's blood began to boil... 'WhY dOo yOu tHinK I'M CoLlLld?' screamed Edward silently. 'B...b...because you're wearing a coat Edward' said the stranger pitifully' 'Well that's obviously why I'm NOT cold you logic less ants of a man! If you'd said 'WERE you cold?' prior to adorning myself with said jacket then I would have said YES!' Just then Edward bludgeoned the stranger to death and his ghost still wanders the streets drinking pond and shouting at a bench.The End.

    The End.
    Blunderbusss @ en 1
  • The horror that is Blunderbusss

    One Frightful night there lived a vile castle lord who went by the wicked name of Blunderbusss. He spent the days locked inside a dank, rotting coffin, which he stole from a charity shop, and he spent the misty, murky nights prowling the capitals, searching for his next victim. 
    Outside the battle-torn BSK capital, Blunderbusss, aka Bilbo Baggins, found the perfect victim, it was a juvenile castle lord called who was called King Jupiter, who was in the middle of scouring the desolate garbage area in front of the Gates, looking for used Condoms, Biblo Sneaks up behind him, clobbers him round the head with a bar of mouldy soap, badly wrapped in a towel, and drags him back to his dark domain where he tortures him, by telling shocking halloween stories, until Jupiter's head explodes and he dies....

    The End
  • You stole my sequel Enzo...(Oh hang on this isn't chat...)
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  • Plague Doctors and Shadow Mercenaries

    Plague Doctors and Shadow Mercenaries are like chalk and cheese, they don't go together.

    The Plague doctors and Shadow Mercenaries were rivals, they always have been, all because of one thing, which group get the spare plot outside castle lords' castles. It was a cold dark Halloween night and both camps (Plague camp and Shadow  Mercenary camp) were silent, the Shadow Mercenaries wielding their weapons and the Plague doctors carrying the plague, then one of the Plague doctors spontaneously decided to launch an attack on the Shadow Mercenaries.

    "Think about it, if we kill them all then we will get the spare plot out side the castle lords' castles therefore earning us more rubies." He said.
    There were murmurs of agreement with then turned into cheers of agreement which then led to
    "You 5, take the back, you three cover them, and we'll take the front." They all nodded with enthusiasm

    Back at the Shadow Mercenary camp they were staging their own attack.

    "Ok, men, commander, let's attack them, if we kill them all then we will get the spare plot outside the castle lords' castles therefore earning us more rubies and loot!"
    There were murmurs which then turned into cheers of agreement which then led to
    Doing the conga where the leader held a spear with Sir_Knights head on it
    "You 5, take the back, you 3 cover them, and we'll take front." They all nodded with enthusiasm

    Of course, it isn't gonna be that easy, it seems that the Assassins and Demon Slayers want revenge too, the Plague doctors and Shadow Mercenaries destroyed their owners' castles.

    The Shadow Mercenaries marched into battle with their heads held high, until they saw the Plague doctors doing the same, then they fought, heads flew, headless bodies dropped, blood spilled and it was practically a blood bath, then the Assassins and Demon Slayers came in, they killed every single one of them.

    "Great job guys." One of the Assassins said, although they worked together they didn't live together (obviously...) So they went there separate ways, until they decided they would get more food if only one group lived.
    The Demon Slayers launched their surprise attack first,
    "Trick or treat" They said.
    They fought to the death, but the Assassins won, as they always would.

    And they lived to see the light of another day in the empire of GoodGame.

    The End


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  • Hanzolo (US1)Hanzolo (US1) US1 Posts: 897

    Click on link to see my entry 


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  • SeventhMuse (US1)SeventhMuse (US1) Posts: 19
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    Digital ART~ "Demon's Blood"~ Digital montage of several images using basic paint and filter programs.
    Image of a Demon Horror holding a ruby-encrusted battle potion.

    Image- expanded using engraving filter.
    http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x60/frame_diva/ART/engraved wicked potion.jpg

    Click link to view, Thanks!
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  • manxjx2 (AU1)manxjx2 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 5
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    Halloween, full of ghosts and goblins, frightful?, please, they don't even work, the scariest thing I have found and seen, is watching Miley Cyrus twerk...                                               
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