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Discussion: New Glory Titles and Castle View



  • Put  the  the  goodie  CARTS  back where  they  were  so  that  then can  be  seen at  a  glance and  not  have  to  more  the  castle all over  the  screen.
  • Also, put back the resource areas, and just move the event tents to the top. It's easier to navigate, and it won't be nearly as cramped.
  • sudu (IN1)sudu (IN1) IN1 Posts: 185
    I am surprised why I'm not in Top 100 Glory players in my Server, INDIA. 200% sure that there is no one to fly above my self. Please make the arrangement to fix this out!!
  • mns3 (US1)mns3 (US1) US1 Posts: 56
    How much Power does the Berserker have?
  • new troops are amaizing
  • With all the focus on the troops, the arrangement of the resources, event carts and such, I believe one irritation has gone unnoticed:  when a special offer appears, the screen changes focus to the event carts, which is different that the main focus being on the castle.  This irritation had been removed in a previous update, but has been reintroduced with this one.  This refocus is irritating when upgrading buildings or rearranging buildings especially in Storm Islands.  I can deal with clicking away a popup or two, but having to drag the screen back to where I was is the irritation.

    It is a minor irritation, but considering it was removed previously, and reintroduced with this update indicates that this update reverted to old code.  Or that this update did not include the updated code that removed this change of screen center.  Why do you want to change the screen location a player is focused on?  Why even change where the center of screen is when a special offer pops up?  This change does not occur when on the world map, only when in a castle.

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