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Fortunately, Unfortunately!



  • Ssam42 (US1)Ssam42 (US1) Posts: 421
    edited 04.08.2015
    Unfortunately, then lake was layered with dynamite, where the slightest impact can set off the whole thing

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    Ssam42 @ usa 1

  • Luna Tik (US1)Luna Tik (US1) Posts: 43
    edited 11.08.2015
    Fortunately, the dynamite exploded before the birds got there, so the birds were safe!! :D
    s3Ml5wB.jpg It looks like a water tank... :D

    Luna Tik, the Insane @ usa 1
  • edited 11.08.2015
    Unfortuntely my Dragon Spike had bad gas , spewed flames cooking them both to ashes. Now for the sports back to Fred.
    Sir Raymondo 56 @usa1
  • Lighter34 (US1)Lighter34 (US1) Posts: 91
    edited 22.08.2015
    Fortunately, they came back from the dead
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  • Fortunately, the hole was only three inches deep

    I wonder what the server would be like if KON win the war...
    Hmm... seems legit

    Also, I specially crafted a monument for Serry: http://prnt.sc/ajqlv2
    Unfortunately, he wasn't in, so I left it with his neighbour at 980:1,111
    Just pop round and claim it: http://prnt.sc/ajqtss

  • Unfortunately, they all dyed again


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  • ;) :p :# :* Fortunately they all were restored good as new, with new & improved "Restore's All Magic Exclair Of Life' " get some at local Wal green"s Yuk, Yuk, LOL.
    Sir Raymondo 56 @usa1
  • unfortunately they were snatched into the air by a flock of Phoenixes 


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


  • o:) B)                       :s :s Fortunately The flock of Phoenixes, where defeated by my good friend the Turbo MegaRobo Dragon Spike he fired his Super Mega Laser Cannons blasting 'em  to ashes blown away to the four winds. Never to be heard of forever & ever the end?????????
    Sir Raymondo 56 @usa1
  • Noble Leone (ASIA1)Noble Leone (ASIA1) Posts: 1,633
    edited 06.11.2015
    Unfortunately some evil dude decided to nuke the entire area.

    Image result for nucular


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  • fortunately, the hole was an inch deep.
    katrinaleena @ usa 1
  • unfortunately it was filled with napalm
    PurpleNinja @ usa 1
    Broken Arrow


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  • Fortunately, he had his asbestos suit on.
    katrinaleena @ usa 1
  • eh em. . . the nuke :smile:  they would have all been blown to smitherines, if they hadn't been blown up, then the toxic gases would have poisoned them


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


  • >:) >:) B) B) Fortunately we had a Nuke Fallout shelter built for just this type of thing.
    Sir Raymondo 56 @usa1
  • fortunately they died a very quick death


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


  • Unfortunately not quick enough. So sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :'( :'( :s :s
    Sir Raymondo 56 @usa1
  • Fortunately they're all dead and won't be bothering us anymore XD

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  • unfortunately they wound up in the underworld and ruby guys freed them
    squirrel lord @ usa 1
  • unfortunately? that's a good thing. Anyways, unfortunately they were immediately hunted down again and killed at the hand of Donald Trump.


    ~"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."~


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