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Additional commander and Equipment storage suggestion

Do you loot a lot and always seem to have your equipment storage full? or maybe you're a gear hoarder like myself and keep the stuff that's really not even good enough to replace what you already have but it's good, so why smith it or sell it....

Additional storage slots should be added to the game, something in the kings market kinda like the maps maybe, and the market barrow increase, starts at a low price to get maybe 5 or 10 extra storage slots so you don't max on gear as easy and the price goes up every time you purchase the next level, eventually it will max at for say 50 extra slots, which would be super helpful if you're attacking and looting a lot or like I said, maybe a gear hoarder.

Now what are you gonna do with all this extra gear you have?

This is where the additional commanders come in to play, now we know there is rental commanders, but those are only a one time use, so why not add in additional commanders you can also purchase and equip your own gear to rather than a rental commander, but of course not completely removing the rental commanders, this again would work like the maps and the market barrow increase, it would start at a lower price for your first commander and slowly increase as you buy more and it would max at about the 10th commander you purchase, so not a lot of extra commanders so it's not too over-powered, but a fair amount. we know you can get extra commanders from the encampment, but even with the ability to have 23 commanders, I feel like a lot of you wouldn't mind buying some more, I know I for sure wouldn't.

Please, feel free to post problems you think there would be with this suggestion, or additional ideas.

I'd also like to add that with heroes now being in the game, they take up extra storage space that is shared with your gear, so if you're getting a lot of heroes you're also losing space.
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  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 22.07.2015
    I love this idea, because from looting you could easily fund the rubies to fund the extra slots in both.

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  • Kali.gamerKali.gamer Posts: 143
    edited 22.07.2015
    I dont really find the point. Just forge new equipment :/
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  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 22.07.2015

    I like this

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  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 22.07.2015
    Kali.gamer wrote: »
    I dont really find the point. Just forge new equipment :/

    yeah, I can go a whole week without having to forge/sell equipment. :)

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