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Redneck Bids Farewell



  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 15.07.2015
    Wish you the best irl RR, never known you in game, but always noticed you were a pretty great player.
  • Lexx7Lexx7 Posts: 1,846
    edited 15.07.2015
    sad to see you go. seems all the fun people are leaving :(

    well good luck, stay safe, and watch out for zombiemaster. you may be done with the war, but zombies are never done with you
  • clintrich (US1)clintrich (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    edited 15.07.2015
    Cliffs on RR goodbye...He had a great time, met great people and was a great adversary.
    To a guy with the same sense of humor I'll miss seeing you round.
    After sort of coming through D8 it was nice warring you guys at DT and then becoming good friends, voting "for" the D8 DT merger that never happened. I wish you well and hope you'll have as much fun as I've had since leaving. TC my friend.
  • ParaREXXParaREXX Posts: 599
    edited 15.07.2015
    funny how almost everyone said good luck in RL, almost like y'all here 24/7
  • LB99 (US1)LB99 (US1) Posts: 9
    edited 16.07.2015
    good bye my friend. I wish you all the best you deserve it.
  • tommy2 (NL1)tommy2 (NL1) Posts: 3
    edited 16.07.2015
    heeft er iemand de nieuwe demolotion gezien?
  • edited 16.07.2015
    Man You'll be missed & remembered!

    Godspeed & Good Luck
  • Emperor DolceEmperor Dolce Posts: 152
    edited 17.07.2015
    Goodbye old friend. Best of luck to you in everything life throws your way. I will always fondly remember my time in the D8athregs team where i learned more about game mechanics than ever before. Happy trails to you.
  • Bro_NoBodyCaresBro_NoBodyCares Posts: 138
    edited 17.07.2015
    Good Luck in RL, RR!

    It was a pleasure to play with you in D8. You always looked into the positive and never gave up!
  • AceofWizards (US1)AceofWizards (US1) Posts: 110
    edited 17.07.2015
    Much respect from Neph Elite 350.
  • King Erik IVKing Erik IV Posts: 285
    edited 17.07.2015
    No tears for redneck brah?
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    edited 17.07.2015

    We've butted heads on the forums often enough, but you were always legit and easy to talk to in PMs.

    Enjoy yourself, and don't be a stranger if you come back to visit USA1 someday.

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