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Old ruby amount replaced with last purchase, no lucky pennies, support down

Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
edited 02.07.2015 in Technical Assistance
Well, this has THOROUGHLY upset me. I log on, and there is a special offer for 11 lucky pennies for purchasing 15K of rubies. I figure that I can afford that (only $20 USD for 23K)... I have about 51K left over from my various exploits and once I click purchase and the order is confirmed, ALL my rubies are wiped out and the amount is REPLACED with the amount I purchased. I figure it is a glich with cache, so I clear that and re-load the page. Reload the page and there is still the same amount of rubies and no lucky pennies. At this point, I figure that perhaps the transaction didn't clear with my bank. I log on to my account statement page and sure enough, the transaction went thru. At this point, I am a little miffed... I want what I PAID for, so I try to log into support to send them a message that I have an issue with the purchase of rubies and pennies... Only to find out that the support page goes down after I select my server (USA1). I know that ruby issues can not be resolved in the forum here, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! Please, CMs, find out what is going on with this issue and PM me when support is back up and running, or when I can expect that, if this is a system wide problem, when I/we can get what I/we paid for. Also, if anyone else is having this problem, please post here so we can get an idea of how wide-spread this problem is.
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  • Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
    edited 30.06.2015
    OK, sorry for the double post, but I just received the rubies and pennies I purchased... About 45 minutes to an hour after I made the purchase. Don't know if it was lag time or some other issue. At any rate, thank you for your time and sorry for the mini-rant. As I did state, I was very upset about the whole situation and I have never had a ruby purchase take that long. Again, thanks and sorry.
  • Plumpy21 (US1)Plumpy21 (US1) US1 Posts: 471
    edited 30.06.2015
    lol, we all get how you feel.
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    edited 02.07.2015
    Hey Colpin Cathar,

    No worries. Glad everything worked itself out for you! If you have any problems with payments in the future, please go straight to our Support Team :)



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