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Fake alliance

Warkingdom123Warkingdom123 Posts: 36
edited 01.05.2015 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
I would like to inform everyone that a player called DerpSheepMario (who was about 10 other accounts) has grieved another alliance (this must be his 5th) and , after destroying it, has made a fake called Awesome Tutti (The original alliance name was AWESHUM TUTTI), and kicked out all below him. I would highly recommend not to make him over General, because if you do then you'll probally have an inhabitable alliance because of the amount of alliances you are in war with and have no resources (He will make another alliance with another account and declare war with your alliance and send all the resources over). I have had to make a new alliance named EPlC TUTTI so join that if you want instead of Awesome Tutti.
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    thank you for warning us?
  • Warkingdom123Warkingdom123 Posts: 36
    edited 01.05.2015
    Inform. Not warn.
    Warkingdom123 @ en 1
  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,993
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    Just report him to support. They will take care of him. No need to shame him over the forum.

    But I personally like to tell people I'll report them if they don't pay 50% tribute. Always scares them. :D
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