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Alliance Level

Peanut22 (US1)Peanut22 (US1) Posts: 98
edited 27.03.2015 in Players ask Players
Just an FYI, when GGE switched over the u.s. server a few days ago, many alliance levels were dropped way down from your original standings.

If you want this fixed, you must put in a ticket with GGE. They are only fixing this on a complaint basis. If you don't care about all that hard work to get to level 50, that's also an option.

Just thought I'd share since so many haven't had their alliance levels returned to their original state from before the last big update.

Happy Gaming :-)
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  • Monkey17179 (GB1)Monkey17179 (GB1) Posts: 1,382
    edited 27.03.2015
    What dropped your alliance lvl or your members lvls?

  • icebob99 (US1)icebob99 (US1) Posts: 155
    edited 27.03.2015
    What dropped your alliance lvl or your members lvls?

    There was a bug after an alliance glory tournament that took away a ton of glory from alliances.
    icebob99 @ usa 1
    Level 70, LL 32

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