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Alliance at war with has no members that have castles....again

SlanderDoom (US1)SlanderDoom (US1) Posts: 860
edited 06.02.2015 in Technical Assistance
Again, we are at war with an alliance that has no members that have castles. No, there is not a member in the alliance with a castle, both players have no castle at all, they are dead accounts. So why are we at war with them? This was a bug that was supposed to be fixed back in August, after many people complained about it. And here it is again. GGS, don't give the BS saying that we have to wait for them to fall to ruin, and then be removed from the game, like you did the last time (if anyone wants proof, I might even have the emails still) You say I have to wait for them to fall to ruin, and then for them to be removed, even when I clearly said that they HAVE NO CASTLE ON THE MAP. This bug is ticking off my whole alliance, and a few of our subs I know to, that are at war with like 7 alliances that should not be there. Get this bug fixed, and don't say that "you cant do anything about it" We are not idiots, GGS makes the game, so they can literally do anything to it. The excuses that I received last time where so absolutely ridicules that I was dumbfounded at how GGS could even think of using them.

Here are the SS of the two alliances that we are at war with that don't have members that really are there. If you want to see if they really don't have a castle, as in on the player info screen, just look up the two alliances, if you are on USA1

Attachment not found.
Attachment not found.
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  • kechera2727 (US1)kechera2727 (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 06.02.2015
    LOL I understand ya'lls frustration completely we currently have 5 guilds that shouldn't be in our war section...
    kechera2727 @ usa 1
  • pokemon62 (SKN1)pokemon62 (SKN1) Posts: 13
    edited 06.02.2015
    Same problems here too:

    1. Enemy in good condition, no answer to letters.. : 5 wars
    2. All high rank players in fire or ruins: 2 wars
    3. All players in ruins: 2 wars
    4. Not even ruins left: 8 wars

    pokemon62 @ skn 1
  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 06.02.2015
    Yup. They will NEVER vanish ~(due to some stupid decision by GGE)
    King Highness Ho @ en 1
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