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Glass being sent, but not being recived

Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
edited 31.01.2015 in Technical Assistance
I found a glitch a few minutes ago. Not sure if it is a one time glitch or if it happens more than people realize. I was about to upgrade my hall of legends at my main castle, when I realized that I needed about 2K more glass. Rather than send it from Fire Peaks, I decided to pull from one of my outposts since I had about 2.8K of glass there that I left over from some granary builds. Everything seemed normal, and with the distance, it would take about 1 minute to get there. After the minute is up, I go to try to upgrade the building, and it still had the same amount of glass as before. I check the outpost where the glass was sent from, and it is gone. I checked all the other outposts I own in Empire, and none of them have any glass. I wonder if this is a glitch where you can send glass to your outpost, but not from them? Has anyone else had this problem? I will contact support here soon, however I am not thinking that much will come of it since it was only 2.8K of glass, and I don't have any screen shoots. I was hoping that someone had some info on this glitch.
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  • Croix316 (US1)Croix316 (US1) Posts: 387
    edited 31.01.2015
    Did u notify support?
  • Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
    edited 31.01.2015
    Just finished filling out the form. As I stated in my post, I wanted to see if anyone else is or has had this happen to them.

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