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Petition against the Hospital update



  • sleeplya42 (AU1)sleeplya42 (AU1) Posts: 9
    edited 17.01.2015
    I agree and I buy ruby's but this is going to force me too leave game as I cannot afford $40 to heal a few hundred troops. you have already paid ruby's for troops hospital should be coins only............ lf this is not fixed soon l will have to leave game as having to spend $100 s of dollars a week is not possible. Sleeplya42
    sleeplya42 @ au 1
  • alaimacerc (INT1)alaimacerc (INT1) Posts: 33
    edited 27.01.2015
    ManasRuler wrote: »
    Troops like Travelling Knight and travelling crossbows need RUBIES to heal, which cannot be afforded by all


    Just put some Travellers in the MH without realizing this until after I'd clicked. I don't buy rubies, so several hundred gone in a second is a real slap in the face, considering how long they take to acquire through gameplay.
    alaimacerc @ "Network 3" on gamesgames.com (and registered at alaimacerc @ WWW 1)
  • bobbysbrobobbysbro Posts: 1,265
    edited 27.01.2015
    This calls for the old time favorite

    Level 70
    Bobbysbro @ world 1



  • Silentbob7Silentbob7 Posts: 7
    edited 27.01.2015
    I support this 100% you greedy greedy company.
    Silentbob @ en 1
  • gordoda (US1)gordoda (US1) Posts: 4
    edited 27.01.2015
    I support this if they want money for the game make it a monthly charge and let us play instead of coming up with new ways to get a buck not worth it anymore
    gordoda @ usa 1
  • ciam2ciam2 Posts: 31
    edited 28.01.2015
    I have many special troops and do not want to spend any cash to heal them!! :( I support this.
    ciam @ usa 1
  • LindsayboLindsaybo Posts: 2
    edited 31.01.2015
    I support this too..
    Lindsaybo @ nl 1
  • WhatchahaWhatchaha Posts: 1
    edited 05.02.2015
    I support this.
    Whatchaha @ usa 1
  • QueenB (INT1)QueenB (INT1) INT1 Posts: 264
    edited 05.02.2015
    its look like gge dont care at all
    QueenB @ GoodGame
  • wimpyarsal2wimpyarsal2 Posts: 2
    edited 05.02.2015
    I support this
    wimpyarsal2 @ usa 1
  • tonya (GB1)tonya (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3
    edited 06.02.2015
    I support this.
    greedy ----ers comes to mind
    tonya @ en 1
  • Creejoe2Creejoe2 Posts: 1
    edited 06.02.2015
    Maybe, instead of getting rid of the feature, they simplify it? Say if you had a valuable troop such as the travelling knight, or flame bearer. If they were defeated in battle they could be sent to the hospital and healed at a much more reasonable price (coins)
    Creejoe @ en 1
  • El Cid6El Cid6 Posts: 3
    edited 06.02.2015
    I support this.
    El Cid @ usa 1
  • KrisshhhKrisshhh Posts: 5
    edited 08.02.2015
    i support this
    Krisshhh @ usa 1
  • Lerf (AU1)Lerf (AU1) Posts: 4
    edited 08.02.2015
    I support this.

    You can ignore us, but if you do that and keep adding terrible updates it just becomes your own fault if you lose players.
  • Lerf (AU1)Lerf (AU1) Posts: 4
    edited 08.02.2015
    Crusty4 wrote: »
    Lose players = room for new ruby buying players and less server strain

    True. Consider though that if they do keep adding the updates, they might get tired of it as well. I was reading on a few other threads how some ruby players are pretty guttered with current conditions. In the end, time will only tell.
  • edited 08.02.2015
    I proudly support this.
    "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"
    US 1 Level 55 Player
    Sadly, I cannot say "Proud non-ruby player" anymore.
    Started buying rubies after I got too many gift cards on my birthday!
    Proud member of Castles for God

  • abraar123abraar123 Posts: 118
    edited 08.02.2015
    this is a great idea but an improvement is that the troops in the hospital heal quicker?
    abraar123 @ en 1
  • edited 08.02.2015
    I support this! My military hospital really isn't too helpful (Some guy attacked me and I lost all me travelling knights + crossbowman!)

    I had 50 of each... It takes up space for what? REVERSE THIS AND THE BAKERY ONE TOO!!!!!!!!
    Not bad for a level 28, eh?
    (My military hospital can only hold 70 units, as I am against ruby inflation, not upgrading it any more!)
    i dunt no hou to spel gett meh to teh hospithal!!
    I know how to spell. Yes, I can see that in the upper right corner, you have a severe injuries. I also know that you won't need to go to the hospital...
    BrokenKey wrote:
    What server do you play on? I'm curious. Also, you have one of the funniest signatures on the forum. And not bad, for a level 28.
  • StrongJosh11StrongJosh11 Posts: 8
    edited 09.02.2015
    I support this. Hospital is a joke.
    StrongJosh @ au 1

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