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Petition against the Hospital update



  • LegendaryLord99LegendaryLord99 Posts: 6
    edited 13.01.2015
    i support this petition 10000000000000% get rid of this update no one wants it and if you want to keep your members happy playing this game get rid of this crappy update.
    LegendaryLord99 @ WWW 1
  • Tjarnov (INT1)Tjarnov (INT1) Posts: 1
    edited 13.01.2015
    I support this
    on a side note: all special units need rubies to heal, ALL OF THEM
    Tjarnov @ WWW 1
  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655
    edited 13.01.2015
    Because the hospital just ripped me off - I didn't know it was rubies and just clicked "heal" - I tried to destroy the damn thing. My castle was better off without it! Don't build them!

    I will likely donate my rubies to my guild and quit. This is ridiculous.
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • kechera2727 (US1)kechera2727 (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 13.01.2015
    Please put the hospital back to the way it was!
    kechera2727 @ usa 1
  • Liftedkilt112Liftedkilt112 Posts: 2
    edited 13.01.2015
    I think the change to the current model hospital is atrocious. I am a regular buyer of rubies and I refuse to buy any additional rubies ever, unless this change is reversed and returned to the original hospital I purchased with rubies. This change is seriously making me consider not playing any longer.
    Liftedkilt11 @ usa 1
  • Liftedkilt112Liftedkilt112 Posts: 2
    edited 13.01.2015
    So long as they are gold based units it is cheaper to kill the wounded and buy new units. I hate this update.
    Liftedkilt11 @ usa 1
  • Onslaught2Onslaught2 Posts: 6
    edited 14.01.2015
    I support this. It is kind of like taking your money, giving you an iphone, and crashing that Iphone on purpose.
    Onslaught @ usa 1
  • SalmanassarSalmanassar Posts: 2
    edited 14.01.2015
    I support this
    I have bought tons of rubies. I will learn to play without them now until this madness is stopped.
    I am not one to complain usually but what settled it for me was when I noticed I cannot demolish it. So now I am stuck with 70 soldiers in every castle, even the low level ones, doing nothing but eating and healing at a rate which makes you doubt the doctors....
    Salmanassar @ nl 1
  • ChampionTook (US1)ChampionTook (US1) Posts: 53
    edited 14.01.2015
    The "fix" to the hospital did speed up troop healing time, but it is still more time than recruiting. The glory bonus for troops also has not been fixed. It still costs more to heal troops than recruit them if you have the glory bonus.
    ChampionTook @ usa 1
  • edited 15.01.2015
    this is also bad:

    when i first found out i could build one, i did, but guess what?

    and i lost 2 composite bowmen in 1 attack against me, and i couldnt afford 206 rubies to heal them........

    i would like this update to be reversed, everyone keeping their hopsitals(it would be worse to have to build it again for the real deal) and back to the old way
  • firewalker8firewalker8 Posts: 12
    edited 15.01.2015
    i support this. your hospital should be an an auto heal.
    firewalker8 @ usa 1
  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    edited 15.01.2015
    I don't like the changes made to either the bakery or the hospital. I know this thread won't make a difference though...
    Lv 70 dreamtree @ usa 1! This account is best described as a tree in a large forest...
    @ international 1! @ international 2! @ English 1! Those accounts are retired.
    500k might points. I know. A lot of people have higher. Wow, now I have have over 700k... 

    Yay! A nice reward!

  • Tionia (US1)Tionia (US1) Posts: 5
    edited 15.01.2015
    I support this. Also, for a comment, I see that one cannot demolish the hospital either.
    Tionia @ usa 1
  • edited 15.01.2015
    I support this
  • RikskenRiksken Posts: 5
    edited 15.01.2015
    Well GGE I propose that you make the hospital removable, that we can revert our build,
    I guess that would be the best test to see if we like it or not.

    Costs more then reqruiting regular, takes three times as long, and I'm wondering where all my bread is going too ?

    Trying to be constructive.
    (Athough gge makes it hard).
    Riksken @ nl 1
  • rob plainrob plain Posts: 104
    edited 15.01.2015
    The games not fun anymore and your wasting your breath with GGC they just don't care there grabbing what they can while they can they are and will kill this game this year between the major lag, money grabbing and stupid changes and updates like hospital or legendary where you cant get enough special resourses to build new buildings without buying, save you money buy a PS4 or Xbox
    rob plain @ usa 1
  • tack the king3tack the king3 Posts: 20
    edited 15.01.2015
    I did not realise it costs rubies to heal special troops so Im afraid I support this as well. However, I think the hospital is a great idea as long as it cost coins and ofcourse if GGS changes the cost so its cheaper than recruiting new troops.

    edzka 1994. I assume GGS can change any buildings they want becouse they have it written in the terms of use. Im not sure of this but I assume. So dont blame them. They are just as any Company. they want money and if they think this is the best way then they can take care of the problems when players start leaving.
    tack the king @ skn 1
  • Mellissa (US1)Mellissa (US1) US1 Posts: 17
    edited 15.01.2015
    i support this
    [email protected] usa 1 #notenough
  • kevie2kevie2 Posts: 1
    edited 16.01.2015
    I support this
    kevie2 @ nl 1
  • poeskat2poeskat2 Posts: 2
    edited 17.01.2015
    I support this!!!
    poeskat @ nl 1

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