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Do you want more players to leave this game GoodGame?

mighty megemighty mege Posts: 3
Well you certainly are doing some very dumb upgrades, this game is no longer fun its more like a full time job!
Take these upgrades away using kingdom resources and do it quickly before my whole alliance quits!
This is the point were i know that i have wasted years of my life in EMPIRE X(
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mighty mege @ au 1


  • TFStormyTFStormy Posts: 3
    edited 19.11.2014
    You know they would have to admit they were wrong to change it back.
    They probiably will let GGE die before admiting they were wrong.
    To bad this was a fun game, but now it looks like time to move on.
    TFStormy @ usa 1
  • King FurryKing Furry Posts: 9
    edited 19.11.2014
    Many more will join you.
    King Furry @ au 1
  • Sheeba702Sheeba702 Posts: 1
    edited 19.11.2014
    If a player is high enough in ranking this latest move will be a benefit since they can take out (bully) anyone who thought to develop the first kingdom and THEN move to another. However if any player does not have all kingdoms up, running and with major production they might as well stop trying now. Remember GGE received awards for this game and without a good client base GGE will have no future game. Alliances will be just a memory. Bring the fun back so individuals, alliances and GGE may continue.
    Sheeba702 @ usa 1
  • Ded Sconnor (AU1)Ded Sconnor (AU1) Posts: 12
    edited 19.11.2014
    a player who has not started everwinter cannot produce coal, and if they don't keep buying rubies often, their game is over.. Goodbye GGE X(
    Ded Sconnor @ au 1
  • Rim6Rim6 Posts: 1
    edited 19.11.2014
    I'm still kind of sorry to leave, but as soon as I help guys from the alliance reach the aquamarine goal, as far as I see, the next moon storm isn't going to take only an island down...
    Sorry, GGE
    it was fun while it lasted
    Rim @ WWW 2
  • edited 19.11.2014
    I agree

    may more will leave I protest against the changes
    LordSirMixALot @ usa 1
  • EshayyzEshayyz Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    Arcanine do you not understand if you don't get rid of using Kingdom Resources for building. Then you will force everyone except level 70's to leave this game.
    Eshayyz @ KO 1
  • BloodSmoke (US1)BloodSmoke (US1) Posts: 20
    edited 20.11.2014
    woopie, you fixed one thing. that should not have been done to begin with. what about the rest of it? your still charging kingdom resources for buildings that we could have built without them before the update. should only be the new buildings.your still overvaluing troops in your "Bonus offer". your still charging way to much for armourer tools and everything else you jacked up this year. you still haven't put the bakery back to normal, or apologised for any of it. so from what i see your still going to be bribing and ripping us off in the future as well. also still waiting to talk with someone who can answer my questions about this http://news.yahoo.com/goodgame-studios-reveals-revenue-coy-130843313.html .
    BloodSmoke @ usa 1
  • kechera2727 (US1)kechera2727 (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 20.11.2014
    I will not buy a single ruby until all buildings below level 70 are back to the way they were just wood & stone.
    kechera2727 @ usa 1
  • millwall97 (GB1)millwall97 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,513
    edited 20.11.2014
    time is running out for gge
    millwall97 @ Somalia1


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