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petition no rubby purchases till this update is sorted



  • mikeshot913mikeshot913 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    we are about to quit with my son, wife, sister and my self for a total of 8 accounts plus 2 more of our real life friends. This last update is crap with extreme greed in mind. we will not buy another thing and or just quit
    mikeshot913 @ usa 1
  • crathyus (US1)crathyus (US1) Posts: 1
    edited 20.11.2014
    I am sure we are done also change this up date or we are out and we are 5 people
    crathyus @ usa 1
  • goldenfox221goldenfox221 Posts: 32
    edited 20.11.2014
    pls gge read these posts and think from the average player prospictive [ lv 10-56] and realise the logistic nightmare you created
    goldenfox221 @ usa 1 forgive my spelling proud member of SPARTANS300
  • CrabbECrabbE Posts: 1
    edited 20.11.2014
    no rubies for me
    CrabbE @ usa 1
    edited 20.11.2014
    im not buying any more rubies until they reverse this update. Maybe ill check out forge of empires and move there!
    NINETAILS @ au 1
  • STUSTU (US1)STUSTU (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    I agree. I will not be spending rubies and probably leave the game if this is not fixed within the week.
    STUSTU @ usa 1
  • eric the red8eric the red8 Posts: 1
    edited 20.11.2014
    i will buy no more rubys the boycott is on -greedy gge no more -lets hit them where it hurts in their wallets
    eric the red8 @ usa 1
  • adamwhitadamwhit Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    I agree. Change it back or I'm done
    adamwhit @ usa 1
  • Ray2132Ray2132 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    I agree. This update makes me not want to play the game anymore.
    Ray2132 @ usa 1
  • HarleyChampionHarleyChampion Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    I too am committed to no more ruby purchases until GGE reverses what can only be seen as an obvious lapse in judgement due to over zealous greed. I am holding off on leaving the game permanently for a little longer, thereby giving them a chance to reverse course... if not then i am through!!

    in the mean time i suggest those not happy with this ruby buy fiasco chang to a red banner to show your protest and to indicate a ruby boycott, looking around I see where many have already done so.... lets turn the game banner red so they have a visual to go with the forum outcry that they so far seem to be ignoring
    HarleyChampion @ usa 1
  • BloodSmoke (US1)BloodSmoke (US1) Posts: 20
    edited 20.11.2014
    woopie, you fixed one thing. that should not have been done to begin with. what about the rest of it? your still charging kingdom resources for buildings that we could have built without them before the update. should only be the new buildings.your still overvaluing troops in your "Bonus offer". your still charging way to much for armourer tools and everything else you jacked up this year. you still haven't put the bakery back to normal, or apologised for any of it. so from what i see your still going to be bribing and ripping us off in the future as well. also still waiting to talk with someone who can answer my questions about this http://news.yahoo.com/goodgame-studios-reveals-revenue-coy-130843313.html .
    BloodSmoke @ usa 1
  • StevenRheadStevenRhead Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    ditto... i won't buy any more rubies while this update is in effect
    StevenRhead @ usa 1
  • BloodSmoke (US1)BloodSmoke (US1) Posts: 20
    edited 20.11.2014
    see your bribing people for twitter followers as well now
    BloodSmoke @ usa 1
  • MmeliihMmeliih Posts: 4
    edited 20.11.2014
    Aint bying anymore rubies, GGE are only greedy jews!
    Mmeliih @ usa 1
  • ArmilarArmilar Posts: 1
    edited 20.11.2014
    Please stop the update, I agree, this is bad game empire
    Armilar @ nl 1
  • kechera2727 (US1)kechera2727 (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 20.11.2014
    I am not buying anymore rubies until all buildings below 70 are back the way it used to be just wood & stone.
    kechera2727 @ usa 1
  • ZethlonZethlon Posts: 6
    edited 20.11.2014
    GGS you're killing the game with your unreasonable schemes for making money. You've got to roll back the update completely, or many people, including myself, are going to leave this game and it's going to die. You're biting the hands that feed.
    Zethlon @ en 1
  • RulerArthuroRulerArthuro Posts: 10
    edited 20.11.2014
    many people WILL leave under these conditions !!!
    RulerArthuro @ nl 1
  • steve1010101 (AU1)steve1010101 (AU1) Posts: 12
    edited 20.11.2014
    I am sure that it has all been said before, but do not under any circumstance buy rubies. As customers, we can choose when and how much to buy. If nobody buys anything for a week it is certain that changes will happen.
    steve1010101 @ au 1
  • ozyshaz (AU1)ozyshaz (AU1) Posts: 11
    edited 20.11.2014
    sad update.....oh well....businesses forget....without the paying customer, they have nothing...and when the customer is feeling ripped off...well, that usually means no customers....Time to rethink your stratedgy GGE
    ozyshaz @ au 1

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