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  • kavoca (GB1)kavoca (GB1) Posts: 29
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    They will be losing another player if the resources update doesn't get pulled!! I buy rubies weekly which I won't be doing now until I can play the game properly again!! I do not want to wait weeks until my ice makes enough charcoal to send elsewhere and I do not want to wait weeks or even months for my sand to make enough oil to send elsewhere! Under developed castles have been hit hardest with this update and its unfair - if you don't have a good production of charcoal/oil/glass you will now have a very long wait until you can do anything. No enjoyment with that!!
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  • UserClarrieryanUserClarrieryan Posts: 7
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    We should all stop fighting, call a truce. No battles, no upgrades requiring the new materials. Another small time ruby buyer they are about to lose.

    Well said jim, my husband has already left, didn't even wait to see if changes were removed and I will follow. Also small ruby purchases for us but not anymore - also will not be spending, using, buying, attacking or building (which I can't do in some kingdoms because of the new criteria). Their loss, other games to play.......
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  • TerreGuerreTerreGuerre Posts: 1
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    I will leave too if the update is not removed. I am a small time ruby buyer and enjoy the game, but this is a very badly conceived update and makes the game cumbersome, not fun.
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  • Estevez DreadEstevez Dread Posts: 3
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    As all of the above. At level 50 there's a lot of tower building and other stuff going on. I'm not buying any more rubies. GGE know that if you don't send resources from winter to other maps then you have to buy them with rubies. Its a con and i'm not playing. If they don't change it back I'm outta here.
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  • leatherbird (US1)leatherbird (US1) Posts: 11
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    2 year, lvl 70 player, heavy ruby buyer. If the update is not COMPLETELY retracted, i.e. foreign land resources used NOT for just repairing but also for building new stuff, I WILL LEAVE THIS GAME. I am a heavy ruby buyer and will be glad to move on. BTW, I thought the little gift was nothing more than an insult!!! AKA: THE HOTFIX WAS NOT ENOUGH!!!!! Besides who wants new darn buildings now when castles are all filled up - exactly where in my main do you expect me to put the dang iron mine????
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  • DuhSkwerlDuhSkwerl Posts: 10
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    Si PPS wrote: »
    I have been playing 3 years now and will leave unless this situation is sorted out.

    Harvester Clan are going to follow this policy until updates are modified or we lose too many players to carry on:

    - Change flag to red in protest.
    - No attacks on any other players or alliances. If players do attack, they will be booted. Only permitted attacks are RBC and dead accounts.
    -If any alliance attacks our members, they will be attacked regardless of level.
    -Do not buy outland resources from merchant.
    -Do not construct or repair buildings that require outland resources.
    -Do not transfer outland resources.
    -Protest on forum and email to GGE.

    This was suggested by a player on the "Official Discusions" thread so we are adopting it!

    Iron Knights will also adopt this policy, and urge all others to do the same.
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  • KasteelISA (NL1)KasteelISA (NL1) Posts: 3
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    i'm also a ruby player and if there is no change i'm going to leave the game after the weekend..........enough is enough........stupid fools at GGE
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  • MARK310MARK310 Posts: 3
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    The Hotfix that GGE plan to implement, of allowing players to repair Castles with wood and stone only and the present - IS AN INSULT. You still can't build upgrades unless you have charcoal, oil and glass in Green. You seem to have missed the point GGE. I will give you until Saturday to revert the update before I leave
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  • st12re (SKN1)st12re (SKN1) Posts: 4
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    GGE has gone too far and become too greedy.
    I'm not going to buy more rubies before they pull back this update.
    if they do not, well,,,, I quit
    I am very angry.
    A comment to the GGE: "Stupid does what stupid is"
    st12re @ skn 1
  • Zyxyz (US1)Zyxyz (US1) Posts: 38
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    I have been on the edge of leaving for some time now. I stuck with the game to level 70, and had invested over $300 into rubies. There is good reason for the ruby boycott. Imagine..more than $40 for a SINGLE BUILDING UPGRADE! I no longer buy rubies.
    This new brain phart from GG is the item that will remove me from the game. I have not been able to do a single upgrade since this farce took effect. Hence, I no longer have reason to play.
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  • 4BS24BS2 Posts: 8
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    I've just worked out what I've spent on this game since I joined, and I really can't justify increasing my monthly spend. Can anyone suggest which of GGEs competition I should check out? Remove the need for other kingdom resources or I'm off
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  • Carol5 (GB1)Carol5 (GB1) Posts: 28GB1
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    I also buy rubies regularly. No more.
    The "gift" to us all is a cynical attempt to normalise this change to the game requirements for building, upgrading and repairing.
    I shall be leaving this game at the weekend unless the Kingdom resources update is removed
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  • JayB3JayB3 Posts: 6
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    I purchase the $20 package about once a month, so essentially I am paying a monthly subscription to play the game. I am completely stuck at this point. I need 5K+ in resources I don't have in kingdoms I haven't even started in yet. Once I move to those kingdoms it will take me several weeks to get a fair amount of resources built up to transfer to the Great Empire. When I transfer, I will have to pay a huge tax on the movement of the resources. So essentially, the game for me is no longer worth playing.

    The crux of this update is:
    Carrot for those 70+ whose castles are completely upgraded
    Stick for those 69 and below

    48 hours to fix GGS or I leave, and take my $20 a month with me. If not fixed by Friday 8 AM PST, I quit.
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  • wycfish (SKN1)wycfish (SKN1) Posts: 9
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    our whole alliance is fed up with GGE, they have no consideration for us only how much they can manipulate us into paying!!
    STOP our whole alliance is going to quit
    thats 35 players GGE
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  • kruzak (US1)kruzak (US1) Posts: 1
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    I want to thank you GG for giving me the nudge to leave your EXPENSIVE as hell game to find better things to do woith my time. Though i have not bought that many rubies online i have spent more on this game then all the other games i have ever played. Thanks to your money grabbing schemes you want even more money I am guessing you are a CHINESE company since they seem to be the worst of the worst in making people spend more money then they should to play their games. Again thanks and hope you lose ALL customenr base.
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  • OllythekidOllythekid Posts: 1
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    This is an outrage! If this is not changed in the next week or so then I WILL quit! Im at level 19 with 1000 glory. I was loving it! So much for those awards...X(:(
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  • Den Top ChineesDen Top Chinees Posts: 23
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    Everybody who have spent money in this game ( by buying rubies for this game ) can collective go to court as a form from breaking "a contract" because of the conditions in this game are total changed with this update. You can ask your spended money back even have the rights to ask collective a high claim as a form of "cheating" from the developners from this game, read about international laws and internet use. There are RIGHTS but also DUTIES!
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  • Marlboro man (US1)Marlboro man (US1) Posts: 86
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    They said thry were going to fix it but still not seeing it yet.
  • Diamond7guaGameDiamond7guaGame Posts: 16
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    Urgent attention!

    If this does not quickly be fixed I will quit and leaving this game. And I know that a lot of us will be doing the same.
    Diamond7guaGame @ nl 1
  • Lexx7Lexx7 Posts: 1,846
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    they claim to have fixed the update, but GUESS WHAT? all it changed was that you dont have to throw coal, oil, and glass at fires to fix the damage. look at some of these
    walls now take tons of resources to upgrade to lvl 5. the amount of oil alone needed, due to shipping costs, means you need to send a whole inventory of it (81,000) just to upgrade the walls. again, why do we need oil for walls? to make them slip apart? or are we going to light it on fire?

    plus on the very right on the construction menu is a moat lvl 2, for those already with a moat, but who didnt get the joy of spending tens of thousands of hard to get resources on it

    old buildings still need new resources to upgrade. one of those is a lvl 6 farmhouse, and the other is a lvl 3 gaurdhouse. you USED to be able to upgrade those with wood and stone, but not anymore!!!! now even the ORIGINAL buildings need outerkingdoms resources to be able to upgrade

    now what do people like this guy do? i have seen many people that dont enter outerkingdoms because they dont want to deal with the RV drama or bother with another castle that will be another target. so what do they do? just jump into them now because they have to?

    and YES, GGE, I KNOW! you made the outer kingdom resources farmable.... but that only is helpful to those of us who are good at farming, and even then, unlike wood and stone which can also be farmed, you dont naturally produce as much, so you will be forced to farm like 5X as much for it if you want to be able to get the same amount

    i would understand making us use new resources for the new buildings, but NOT for the old ones. i might even be fine with the idea of the new iron resource, even though its just for lvl 70 peeps. but SCREW YOU GGE! i WILL NOT be forced to ship a whole inventory of resources every time i want to make 1 upgrade, or even a dozen. even decorative items now take coal, oil, and glass.

    not good enough GGE. taking away the need for outerkingdoms stuff was a good START, now lets see if you can finish strong and get rid of the rest of this crap.

    also, stop making updates that help the strong ones only.

    storm islands- little alliances never reach enough points to get good prizes unless they hve heavy ruby people or they import people from other alliances for it

    latest update- only lvl 70's can use it, and even then, to take full advantage of it you need to tear down all the work you made and do 30 upgrades to reach max efficiency. 30!!!!!!!! previous to that, the highest upgrade number was like 12, for dwellings and such

    gems- only those who can farm RBCs get them. low lvl players, not as many gems, especially since they are not in all the outer kingdoms, so not as many towers to farm

    underworld, thorn king, nomads, and other events. only good for ruby people or people who are high enough lvl to send over massive amounts of troops (high lvls) which also costs thousands of coins

    the upcoming "update"- a LEGENDARY's brilliance outshines yada yaada yada. lvl 70 people only again

    new glory lvls. those who are great with glory (typically high lvls or those in strong alliances) get new soldiers and other bonuses.

    foreign lords. helpful for strong alliances who can support each other fast and easy. helps strong alliances level up fast, others are told to suck it up and up your game

    why help only the strong GGE? thats another reason people hate large family alliances, because YOU GGE give them more and more power. the only thing that is a "good" update are things like the revamp of the map appearance and the bookmarks, since they have no effects on the battle field

    GGE is trying to appease us by making a small change to an update that was TERRIBLE. dont let them keep 95% of the bad, GET RID OF IT ALL
    RIP Eric768, true forum warrior and GGE king
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