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Petition: I call for complete shutdown

pcsurgeon (NL1)pcsurgeon (NL1) Posts: 361
If you are for, please support the 24h login ban. Other petitions such as ruby purchasing are already supported. You cant allow this to happen. Its worce than gambling. They play on your feelings, your efforts here, and even your friends.

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Please read these reviews of GoodGame Studios....


This forum hardly works properly... We want the old one back!!


  • Belse (INT1)Belse (INT1) Posts: 16
    edited 19.11.2014
    Nobody will buy rubies until theis lame update is removed.
    A small message to the GGE team, you can put your hotfix where the sun dont shine.
  • BBboy (NL1)BBboy (NL1) Posts: 2
    edited 19.11.2014
    removed that update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we are nothing with the gifts gge!!!!!!!!!!!!! what about ice and the other worlds????
    losers are you gge!!!!!!!!!!!
    and discriminators, we will build just like the big players before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! discriminators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BBboy @ nl 1
  • pcsurgeon (NL1)pcsurgeon (NL1) Posts: 361
    edited 19.11.2014
    Don't let your kids get involved in this psychological warfare. Tell them it's ok to quit. Tell them it's just a game, and buy them one they can play at home -offline! They should NOT become pray to these predators!
    Please read these reviews of GoodGame Studios....


    This forum hardly works properly... We want the old one back!!
  • OZ-OZ- Posts: 132
    edited 19.11.2014
    stab us in the chest and offer us a candy ? how lame
    OZ- @ WWW 1

  • COLE525COLE525 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    GGE needs to quit screwing us at every turn, Your latest up date SUCKS . And i will not buy rubies till it is changed back, There was a time when this game was affordable. and you greedy SOB's have REALLY SCREWED THAT UP. kiss mine up in the brown Cole525
    COLE525 @ usa 1
  • Ryan_DeLuca (US1)Ryan_DeLuca (US1) Posts: 80
    edited 20.11.2014
    GGS isn't the real problem here, we are. We get upset about these updates every time and we never do anything about it. Then by the time we get frustrated and quit, GGS has already had ten new players sign up.

    There is no need to be upset.
  • smokey blue2smokey blue2 Posts: 8
    edited 20.11.2014
    my flag is black, in mourning and protest, hate pink, so all black no symbol, until fixed or I leave . end of the month if the update stays
    smokey blue @ usa 1
  • obaasan (US1)obaasan (US1) Posts: 25
    edited 20.11.2014
    GGE remove your last update for added resources, it is UNFAIR... we want our game back or its bye bye
    obaasan @ usa 1
  • hardyhar62 (US1)hardyhar62 (US1) Posts: 57
    edited 20.11.2014
    i agree to this.you lied here is the proof---http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?126016-Legend-Update-Hotfix

    i advise the players of this game to get in contact with the U.S.Attorney General's office and ask for the form to report fraud from a company that doesn't deliever what you paid for--save the screenshot link above and add it to the report for your proof ans a screenshot of the game as it is is acting today. i just got through talking to one of his staff and he said we do this the US Sever will be ordered shut down and all moneies spent by the people in the U.S. will have to be returned to each costumer and INTERPOL will be advised of their business operation.
    hardyhar62 @ usa 1
  • jeff572jeff572 Posts: 14
    edited 20.11.2014
    I agree with this they lied to all of us all . shut them down return our money I want my moiney back for the lies they told us
    jeff57 @ usa
    I am the Owner :D of J & J fiberglass in Leesburg tex. Anyone needs boat repair please call me 903-856-3456:D :D Tell me u saw this ad get 5% off repairs
  • Ronin8Ronin8 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2014
    So let me get this straight, now I can't upgrade the buildings I've been developing unless I now ship over other resources to where ever they're needed!! F£$k the hell off you bunch of greedy f£$king [email protected]&ts!! GGE obviously care f£$k all about this game and the players and are only interested in squeezing every last bit of money out of you. At least a robber wears a mask!
    Ronin @ en 1

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