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not good enough gge

BerserkJamesBerserkJames Posts: 107
we dont want to have to use any other kingdom resources to upgrade cant you guys read, you still arnnt listening, your still forcing players to go to the other kingdoms WAKE UP and listen
BerserkJames @ au 1
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  • Nambala (AU1)Nambala (AU1) Posts: 164AU1
    edited 19.11.2014
    I'll never be able to get lvl 5 castles (like most players) because of the ridiculous amount of "kingdom res" needed (and the losses to ship it between worlds).

    If I can't progress, I'm just a sitting duck to the 70+ players who can now recruit double the army, produce 6x the res and already have lvl 5 towers and walls etc. Not worth my time (and certainly not worth any more money).
    Nambala @ au 1
  • BerserkJamesBerserkJames Posts: 107
    edited 19.11.2014
    and you can jam your gift where the sun dont shine
    BerserkJames @ au 1
  • edited 19.11.2014
    game now grinding to a halt ! most cant build /update and tbh will soon give up!
    JoeyFighter @ en 1
  • HeroTimHeroTim Posts: 6
    edited 19.11.2014
    GGE has more than gone too far in the pursuit for money (mine) - GGE lets unnamed armies attack and now you have to buy oil and charcoal to rebuild burning castles..... that was too much - I and my friends are quitting now
    HeroTim @ skn 1
  • Bob Bester (INT1)Bob Bester (INT1) Posts: 10
    edited 19.11.2014
    why should we lose resources shipping between kingdom, it costs us coins and gge nothing, in any decent game it would be free, like building upgrades without other kingdom resources. do they maths if you lose 1million customers who spend an average of ten dollars a week, then your profit will drop 40 million , if you lose a million customers who spend fifty dollars a week you will lose 50 million per week, you spend nix to achive that will you explain to the owners of gge why profits are down ?? we stay on strike untill we get what we want
    Bob Bester @ au 1
  • kabtykabty Posts: 3
    edited 19.11.2014
    I don´t care anymore about my glory points going down now... this is getting too much... ... I will follow the mails sent to all alliances and I will not attack anymore, neither spend anymore rubies of course... and I´ve spent a lot btw... GG only want the ruby players to be as powerful as possible and to hell with the others...
    GG... it´s a bad tactical mistake from you... it will be discussed on all internet sites and we´ll get many less new players, or the newbies will drop the game after little time when they realize it´s not possible before long to cope up with attacks , etc... and bad for the alliances too who will help again and again newbies... for no better result in the end...
    you might as well tell all players right away: " go to BS.. or Cr... or those big alliances, and play only with rubies, otherwise be the sheep to be cropped repeatedly... "
    and with 3 or 4 big alliances only really playing the game fully, we, other alliances will be the meat to hunt for ever... no fun...
    the fun might now be only for those few big alliances... but where is the fun really? even for those... it will be so easy... but BORING ...
    Diplomat at Braveheart2 - UK
  • LokiTheTerribleLokiTheTerrible Posts: 11
    edited 19.11.2014
    A half fix will not cut it! Remove update and quit squeezing the little guys! It is impossible to build now.
    LokiTheTerrible @ usa 1
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