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Petition against the use of other kingdom resources to repair



  • rjm (US1)rjm (US1) US1 Posts: 21
    edited 19.11.2014
    I will not buy any rubies till this update is gone or I'm gone!!!
    rjm @ usa 1
  • RulerArthuroRulerArthuro Posts: 10
    edited 19.11.2014
    i support this
    RulerArthuro @ nl 1
  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 19.11.2014
    Micah42 wrote: »
    I don't post ever... until now. My alliance is middle of the pack and growing we only have a couple of 70s around 5 in 60s and a LOT of 40s and 50s along with a fair number of lower levels.

    So far not one of our alliance of 50 members has anything good to say about this update.

    It MIGHT possibly be good and interesting for the 70+ player but everyone else it just slows down and in many cases makes the game unplayable. I just entered sands have no oil let alone glass. I get a fire in green and it will just have to burn none of us in my alliance spend a lot on rubies but many of us spend 10 or 20 per month. that is done now as an investment of that level will not even let us put out fires if someone gets thru our defences!

    Terrible update. REMOVE IT!
    Thr only things that should require the kingdom resources should be the NEW buildings and they should never be required for ANY repairs!

    ^This 9999999999999999999999%

    Founder of Camelot Beasts.

  • Matt McCloud (US1)Matt McCloud (US1) US1 Posts: 144
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this with 2 middle fingers raised high.

    “When I say Who’s the Master?!? You say SHO’NUFF!!!!”
  • HawkKnight1 (US1)HawkKnight1 (US1) US1 Posts: 93
    edited 19.11.2014
    Ditto on the support
    HawkKnight1 @ usa 1
  • mseddonmseddon Posts: 9
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this
    mseddon @ en 1
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this and raise a black flag to GGS
    APACHE_BLOOD @ usa 1
  • mikeram (US1)mikeram (US1) US1 Posts: 5
    edited 19.11.2014
    i say yes to getting rid of this crap
    mikeram @ usa 1
  • michael1573michael1573 Posts: 2
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support having this removed.if this continues I will quit the game.there are more games like this.this is just a money grab update to get you to spend more for rubies.
    michael157 @ usa 1
  • miscrepresentedmiscrepresented Posts: 483
    edited 19.11.2014
    I'm sure it's been said 100x by now, but this update is complete crap. I swear GGE must see just how far they can piss people off with every update. I'm embarrassed to be associated with this game and have spent way too much money, only to have it's creators ruin it ever more with each update that's released. Shame on you GGE for driving this game into the ground.
    miscrepresented @ usa 1
  • glionglion Posts: 1
    edited 19.11.2014
    100% support this
    glion @ usa 1
  • observation (INT3)observation (INT3) INT3 Posts: 4
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this
    kind regards,

    Susan 8|
  • AmazingJensericAmazingJenseric Posts: 51
    edited 19.11.2014
    97% of people are against the update
    I support!

    I just noticed that if I (level 64) were to attack a level 9, I would not lose honor.

    Remove this
    AmazingJenseric USA 1

    Just play!
  • Stephanie HeStephanie He Posts: 1
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this
    Stephanie He @ usa 1
  • JT72JT72 Posts: 6
    edited 19.11.2014
    Now we need charcoal in order to build & upgrade??? I won't be spending anymore of my money buying rubies just to do that!!!
    JT72 @ en 1
  • Twitch9Twitch9 Posts: 3
    edited 19.11.2014
    support the petition
    Twitch @ au 1
  • PyxjasonPyxjason Posts: 4
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support petition
    Pyxjason @ usa 1
  • daxter91daxter91 Posts: 1,606
    edited 19.11.2014
    JJ-5792 wrote: »
    Server wide boycott!!!! Stop buying rubies

    I have heard a germany sever has done that
    I am lost
    I've gone to look for myself.

    If i should return
    before i get back,
    please ask me to wait
  • 4james20 (US1)4james20 (US1) Posts: 71
    edited 19.11.2014
    who are the 85 idiots who don't support this???? And instead of getting rid of this update we need to rid ourselves of GGS and it's blatant greed. I know its a business for them and a game for us, but enough is enough.
    4james20 @ usa 1
  • Moros2Moros2 Posts: 4
    edited 19.11.2014
    I support this! I buy a lot of rubies maybe too many, but not anymore.

    GGE you SUCK.
    Moros @ usa 1
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