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Discussion: Become a Legend



  • Van Snott (SKN1)Van Snott (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 36
    edited 18.11.2014
    This is a dealbreaker for me. If they dont change this back, i will NEVER EVER play a Goodgame Empire game again. This is just GREAD....
    Van Snott @ skn 1
  • CarlobrandCarlobrand Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2014
    Constructive criticism, hmm...

    Okay, here's my situation: I am at a dead stop. I am not struggling. I am dead in the water. Further building depends on resources that I don't have because I had no idea this was coming down the line. That's my fault. I think I've been in the forums maybe three times since I joined the game, and I was never expecting this kind of radical workover. However, I have to suspect there are a lot of people like me that were also caught flat-footed and ill-prepared. They're called "customers"; it behooves you to find ways to get word to them too, lest they decide to stop being customers. I can't help thinking that nice display screen that flashes on at startup to tell us about the level-70+ bit and such might have been a good place to say, "Hey, you're gonna be needing coal etc. soon! Go read about it in the forums, quick!"

    So constructive criticism #1: improve your communications. If you're going to make a change that could bring people to a screeching halt, how about finding a way to let folk know in-game. Yes, maybe we should come visit the forum, but if you want the cash from the customer, it pays - literally - to also consider the ones who don't hang out in the forums.

    And, constructive criticism #2: PLAN THE TRANSITION. Okay, you want me to use coal from now on. Things change, new ideas are tried, I respect that. How about starting me with a small supply of coal - and I guess oil, I didn't even know that was a resource - so that I can keep moving while I adjust to the new requirement. Jehosephat, people, I'm at a dead halt. I've pretty much lost today, it will be days for me to build up in the North to the point where I can start building with any degree of regularity in the GE, and even then I expect coal to be a major bottleneck. My alliance is going to be getting a whole heck of a lot of wood and stone from me over the next few days and probably weeks, simply because there's no way I can use it fast enough.

    Constructive criticism #3: you are going to have to re-evaluate some of your game mechanics. I lose wood and stone shipping north, waiting two hours so I can build, then lose coal shipping south and have to wait two hours for it to get there. Bottleneck. Bottleneck=frustration=players-leave-game. Maybe instead of losing minerals en route, we can spend gold hiring carters to ship north and south. Not that I'm actually eager for another major drain on my gold, but it seems better than only being able to get a third or a fourth of a bottleneck resource from the only place that can make it. I can make gold in lots of places; I can only make Resource X in one place, and losing most of it on the way is going to create a huge bottleneck.

    Constructive criticism #4: very nice gesture with the instant fire-put-out gift. I'm not at all sure how that works, whether it gets stored for later use or is used up then. Either way, good idea. Pity it won't be here when a lot of these people get home. It should have been offered at the same time the release rolled out, and it should have been left out 24 hours for those who have jobs and can't check in every couple hours.

    In the meantime, don't expect me to be buying any coal with rubies. Don't expect me to buy much of anything. I'm a wee bit miffed at this new development, and I'm re-evaluating my options here, debating whether the headache is worth sticking around or not. This is going to create a major bottleneck, and I'm not sure I want to deal with it. Someone didn't think this through, and there's usually a price to pay for that.
    Carlobrand @ usa 1
  • trig67trig67 Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2014
    well gg youve made a balls of it this time the only place i can progress is in storm so you have until the end of storm to sort it out!!! im sorry but you leave me no option but to leave the game if its not resolved
    trig67 @ en 1
  • Hori (GB1)Hori (GB1) GB1 Posts: 71
    edited 18.11.2014
    rubbish rubbish rubbish.... 9 fathoms mud and more rubbish
    Hori @ en 1
  • DigDagSplagDigDagSplag Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014

    My family and I all enjoy playing this game. However, with this new update, I can no longer upgrade anything or put out fires, etc. without oil and charcoal. So, I need to ship olive oil (and charcoal) from Burning Sands (and Everwinter) to my main castle, and then cart them to other OPs.

    All this must be done in order to do the simplest of upgrades. Or put out a fire.

    And now, I definitely will not be going to Fire Peaks until I am already a level 70. I do not want to have to ship glass everywhere as well. In fact, I now wish I could give up my (very well built up) castles in Everwinter and Burning Sands, so I could avoid this whole mess.

    And another problem: I cannot ship kingdom resources in the same shipment as stone, wood or food. So, I need to make multiple shipments.

    DigDagSplag @ usa 1
  • TrophyTrophy Posts: 2
    edited 18.11.2014
    An international boycott of a ruby for rest of the year.
    Trophy @ skn 1
  • cadfilecadfile Posts: 7
    edited 18.11.2014
    Requiring "kingdom" resources to put out fires is stupid

    the 50% transfer fee is a deal breaker

    I've spent my last dollar on rubies and will stop playing completely if this update isn't changed to be more fair.

    Why do I want to waste my time if I can't progress for lack of resources. It already takes 13 hours to build one level 4 tower.

    I get you want more action in the other kingdoms but this ruby buyer is done.
    cadfile @ usa 1
  • Twin Peaks (GB1)Twin Peaks (GB1) Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2014
    I am totally disgusted with this update. It makes no sense to me whatsoever apart from bullyboy tactics being used by GGS. U are basically bullying me into moving onto another land before I decide when I'm ready or when I need to. U cannot take away a players choice as to when they need to move forwards within the game. I am a very regular ruby buyer but I can assure this stops from today. GGS are a bunch of money grabbing idiots and do not value players who are keeping them in business and employment by playing their games. Shame on you GGS. Take this silly, non thought incentive update out of the game and instead of trying to bleed more money out of us come up with ways to enhance the game without us digging deeper into our hard earned wages!!!!
    Twin Peaks @ en 1
  • Mefke (NL1)Mefke (NL1) Posts: 20
    edited 18.11.2014
    Oil and charcoal For reparing??
    Whats the idee about that, So do i recieve 10k charcoal if my woodcutters burns down??

    So as level 48 I need to go to sand to obtain oil, of i cant build out in green... While everybody lower then lvl 60 makes no chance of getting a village... So what about my castle which cant hold enough defenders because i need food villages...?

    and the charcoal in ice, saving up for troops and armour... ?? Let it just go away while shipping it?

    Big ruby spensers (lvl 70) all in 2 alliances that work together, making the game hard for all lower levels, isnt a idea to make a new update??? Is the Resource's to all kingdoms the only idea u guys can get??

    What about - points in fame (or whatever is called sorry i play dutch server :P) wenn attack 10 levels lower as you,,, What about that a system to stop the unfair gameplay....
    Mefke @ nl 1 Licks your window, just for fun

  • toxicpoison (NL1)toxicpoison (NL1) Posts: 49
    edited 18.11.2014
    Dear GGe . now i have enough of this i will not buy one single ruby anymore , this is ridiculous what you re doing

    Toxicpoison  :  a higly  venomous liquid

  • kashi3kashi3 Posts: 201
    edited 18.11.2014
    What are people supposed to do whose castles are on fire everywhere? They can't extinguish them anymore!

    You need TOO MANY resources to build special resource buildings. Then it takes TOO MANY resources to ship those anywhere.

    This is a deal breaker for many people in my alliance. No thanks, GGE.

    If you want your customers to stick around, start LISTENING

    kashi @ usa 1
  • kashi3kashi3 Posts: 201
    edited 18.11.2014
    Sorry for double post: GGE forum software posted my comment twice. :/
    kashi @ usa 1
  • rlpalapala (US1)rlpalapala (US1) Posts: 31
    edited 18.11.2014
    Their "solution" to turning the entire game into a bonfire with overzealous foreign invaders was to give away free castle repairs at first, too.

    They're trying to buy time while they decide if and how to fix this ridiculous mess they've made.
    rlpalapala @ usa 1
  • PulverkungenPulverkungen Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    how could GG be so damn stupid to make this kind of updates without thinking.

    I rather quit....
    Pulverkungen @ skn 1
  • Mickey5612 (US1)Mickey5612 (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    edited 18.11.2014
    I would like to thank you all for finally giving me the reason to stop spending money on a foolish game.

    I have bought my last rubies and if I cannot make things work without them, I'll be saying so long. I'm sure that breaks your heart, but I'm thinking I'm probably not alone.
    Mpinto55 @ usa 1
  • ognid (US1)ognid (US1) US1 Posts: 82
    edited 18.11.2014
    this makes the game too time intensive. I don't have 24 hours a day to be online transferring resources back and forth. If it is not fixed soon, it will be time for me to call it quits.... which would make my wife very happy.
    ognid @ usa 1
  • Meza62Meza62 Posts: 4
    edited 18.11.2014
    well i think its dumb.
    Meza6 @ usa 1
  • TJEvansIIITJEvansIII Posts: 35
    edited 18.11.2014
    why do I need types of resources to repair damage that were not needed to build it originally ?

    Repair materials should be the same as were originally needed to construct a building.
    TJEvansIII @ usa 1
  • imprttysaucyimprttysaucy Posts: 46
    edited 18.11.2014
    I've lvled to 67 in a few months of playing, enjoyed it all. spent my fair share of $$ and more importantly TIME. I also will not be paying another cent into this crapfest of an update if this is the direction gge is going. And with every new update it just gets worse.....

    I'm so sorry, but those protein shakes and creatine mixes wont help ur face out~ amirite

    Sho'nuff says who's the mastuhhhhh


    imprttysaucy @ usa 1
  • samasare64 (US1)samasare64 (US1) Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2014
    knight662 wrote: »
    it looks like a good update, i just hope they dont make it 'ruby whales only'

    of course this a ruby whales, if you have not to reach the level to unlock other kingdoms how will you get olive oil, charcoal , and glass for building. This is bad update, GGE want us to spend more cash on ruby
    samasare64 @ usa 1
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