Petition against the use of other kingdom resources to repair



  • Findurian (US1)Findurian (US1) Posts: 92
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    My support is yours.

    For a look at how badly this will mess with the system over time, read "No Charcoal for Little Men" in the suggestions forum.
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  • mvpcojodamvpcojoda Posts: 1
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    i support this
    mvpcojoda @ en 1
  • voi99voi99 Posts: 1
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    I support this.

    I may have to quit the game if this rule is not repeal.
    voi99 @ usa 1
  • Noel RNoel R Posts: 1
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    I support this and will be quitting the game if this update is not removed
    Noel R @ usa 1
  • hilbilly (GB1)hilbilly (GB1) Posts: 3
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    True Defenders will not be attacking any one or using Rubies until this Update (that's a Laugh) is removed . Entered the debate this afternoon ob Page 13 . Wow now on page 40 and still growing , Take your heads out of the sand GGE , you will kill this FREE GAME with your Greed
    hilbilly @ en 1
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    I support this!!!!!!!!!!
    noggletodd13 @ usa 1
  • mfo59 (INT1)mfo59 (INT1) Posts: 4
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    I support this!
    mfo59 @ WWW 1
  • ansonwarrior3ansonwarrior3 Posts: 3
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    I support this
    ansonwarrior @ WWW 2
  • JLNorthGA (US1)JLNorthGA (US1) US1 Posts: 105
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    Really bad update. Rescind it.
    JLNorthGA @ usa 1
  • Qween elsaQween elsa Posts: 4
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    Should these new GGE rules be continued then I for one will never buy another Ruby from GGE!!!!
    Qween elsa @ en 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    I support this and will also quit the game if this is update is not removed. I need charcoal and oil to repair fires that were already burning. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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  • dlish101 (US1)dlish101 (US1) Posts: 2
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    I support getting rid of this new update
    dlish101 @ usa 1
  • Soccer20142Soccer20142 Posts: 2
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    I support this!!
    Soccer2014 @ usa 1
  • Moobli (INT1)Moobli (INT1) Posts: 1
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    I support this. Terrible update X(
    Moobli @ WWW 1
  • Dan20000 (GB1)Dan20000 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 5
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    I support this
    Dan20000 @ en 1
  • First WizardFirst Wizard Posts: 1
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    I support this - I need glass to repair but I can't even get any because my level is too low!
    First Wizard @ usa 1
  • Lucas1999 (NL1)Lucas1999 (NL1) Posts: 474
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    I support this, before this i could build witout any problems or i could solve the problems now i can't buid antyhing anymore

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  • Alcheney (US1)Alcheney (US1) Posts: 6
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    I fully support garbaging this update, as does my entire alliance
    Alcheney @ usa 1
  • MissHanahMissHanah Posts: 1
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    This update is horrible, you could not do more stupid thing, and if you do not return things to normal, many people will stop to play, including me
    MissHanah @ WWW 2
  • BOGAMEL (US1)BOGAMEL (US1) Posts: 8
    edited 18.11.2014
    i support the petition to end this charcoal/oil requirement to build,goodgame programmers are really fuqing this game up.....
    BOGAMEL @ usa 1
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