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Discussion: Become a Legend



  • edited 18.11.2014
    bull crap update you guys suck at life! not a surprise there though
    WarriorJason9 @ usa 1
  • radarrayradarray Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    We now need oil and glass to put out fires in towers.
    So I have sent over 17k of glass , Amount arriving 5100
    radarray @ en 1
  • TruthsayerTruthsayer Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    I'm sorry but update just blows. For those of us leveling up now we can build in any kingdom anymore. I can't upgrade my buildings, I can't put out my fires, and I loose 2/3 of the coal I can get/make to transfer it around at 2 hours of waiting time if I want to even try.

    Was the idea to make everyone below level 70 quit? I don't understand this decision at all. I doubt I will get a response from GGE, but truthfully this was a horrible implementation.
    Truthsayer @ usa 1
  • rambo412rambo412 Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    ik , is te zeggen wij allemaal , vinden deze laatste update absurt en niet kunnen
    de grote levels 70 worden sterker en sterker , de kleinere levels moeten nu nog meer opboksen tegen de grotere en nog meer bs hebben dan daarvoor
    vroeger ging alles veel sneller dan nu , om hetzelfde te bereiken
    is niet eerlijk , waar vroeger je bijv 15 maand deed om level 70 te bereiken doe je nu voor hetzelfde 24 maand over met bijna dubbel zoveel bs
    dat kan toch allemaal niet meer
    ik denk dat er velen gaan afhaken en stoppen, maar dat werkt gge zelf in de hand
    rambo4 @ nl 1
  • jmperrinjmperrin Posts: 13
    edited 18.11.2014
    i originally thought this was a cool update. but now that i see the execution of it my thoughts are mostly negative. forcing us to build with special resources? this would be okay if it were just the new iorn ore buildings, and some new plant levels even would have been fine, but he reality is, ALMOST EVERY BUILDING OF EVERY TYPE REQUIRES SPECIAL RESOURCES! Even castle gardens. One thing i feel GGE just glossed over with this update is that to move into teh next kingdom it is really a smart idea to have all your food rvs first. this update will force players to open new castles they dont have the food production to defend, and make the overall population of goodgame weaker in the outer worlds. thus slowing down every person, except ruby whales. cus rubies solve everything. nice one gge
    jmperrin @ usa 1
  • N10897N10897 Posts: 23
    edited 18.11.2014
    GGE this is the stupidest update you have ever done. This is the lamest attempt ever to try and get everyone to buy resources with rubies. This update will cause a ton of players to leave no one likes your updates anymore do something that will actually make the game better and easier for once....
    I will never quit even when the game hits hard I will hit harder. Rubies are not the key time is:)
  • angel2232angel2232 Posts: 6
    edited 18.11.2014
    update sucks

    lvl 50 players need olive oil to build lvl 4 towers
    lvl 70 needs glass to build lvl 5 towers
    putting fires out, next to impossible
    unfair at so many levels, only lvl 70's that are maxed completely out in builds stand even a chance of remotely enjoying the game now, 99% of server is screwed.
    just fixing the putting out fires issue is not enough, you have made simple advancement in game a massive pain in the arse. In so many ways, this update has affected so many people, they will leave GGE, pull the entire update before its too late. The issue cannot be hotfixed.
    angel223 @ usa 1
  • angel2232angel2232 Posts: 6
    edited 18.11.2014
    10 characters
    angel223 @ usa 1
  • LouAlb-6963LouAlb-6963 Posts: 20
    edited 18.11.2014
    This is so wrong!....

    You created the game!
    Nice , it was a good game!
    Until now!
    Cause, what makes you think and believe, we have to play the game at your own way without freedom of choice?!
    Basically it is what you are doing "kindly" forcing us to play the game at your own way!....

    The basic of the game should not be changed like this.
    There are people, including me that intentionally are not yet in all kingdoms, cause we are not strong yet! (ex. it took me 20 levels to stabilize my castle in ice, and it was always built under fires... cause there are just a lot of players that their goal is to eat Honor from the weakness points of the others, and are nothing more that a bunch of cowards).
    Now suddenly you just want to cut the legs of us (those players that are not in all kingdoms!...
    That is not fair cause it is going to be impossible to keep basic game playing!...
    And the amount of goods it is needed is also insane!
    100=»233=»333 (e.g. to get 100 charcoal to other we need to send 333 units, and from them 233 will be lost in expenses)

    Decos with charcoal and others?!
    Great, but that should not be applied to existing one`s..
    And that goes for the existing buildings, and to repair the fires...
    Create new decos ,and new buildings, and new towers for people have the choice to see if they want them or no..

    In the end i say:
    Me and my team, and i guess a lot of people here: were are no puppies!..
    We do not have to do things your way, and to play by your way without freedom of choice!..

    It makes about a year that me and my team basically stopped playing another game of yours, cause from nothing you just changed the rules of the game, and then we all came here.
    Now and again it seems that instead of creating new things with new rules, all you want do do is to change existing basic rules. But that is the easiest and laziest way to proceed.
    So guess now you also want to kick us out from here too!
    But then we will have our freedom of choice, and quit playing GoodGameStudios games.
    "The Power Of Thy Sword"

    LouAlb-696 @ en 1
  • T412 (US1)T412 (US1) US1 Posts: 98
    edited 18.11.2014
    SO fucking gay i don't even know... gj ggs
    T412 @ usa 1

    *MISC crew*
    *GGE crew*
    *Too nervous to talk to SIRI crew*

  • 89Ricardo (US1)89Ricardo (US1) US1 Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2014
    I am currently at level 36 and only on Green. Now, in order to build, I must have products from other relms. Even the RBs currently have only food, wood and stone. The trader offers only coal. So, tell me, how do I build anything!?
    89Ricardo @ usa 1
  • N10897N10897 Posts: 23
    edited 18.11.2014
    also, it costs me 2500 oil and 2500 glass to repair just one tower in my op. I have 20 towers in all three of my ops that are gonna require that for repairs. 60 x 2500=150,000 oil and glass each. Since I lose 70 percent of each transferring, it will require 50,0000 each of oil and glass to repair just the towers, assuming I get no more fires. If you assume a 300 per hour production, it will take almost 1500 hours of production to just repair those towers. That's 3 months . total repairs, would take over a year, assuming no new fires.
    I will never quit even when the game hits hard I will hit harder. Rubies are not the key time is:)
  • DragonSlayersDragonSlayers Posts: 2
    edited 18.11.2014
    finally GEE showed up something which is important for lvl 70 players i agree you guys have done a great job of updating for HIGH level players more active so here is what you guys have done wrong totally senseless update why does oil,glass required to repair a Burning buildings and to even upgrade them its difficult to low level players to gather such resources then transporting them to particular kingdoms which is half of the resources lost i mean it may take weeks,even months if it is burning heavily to repair back (non ruby players) and yup, its an negative feed back from me sorry gge it does not make me any better than before
    DragonSlayers @ in 1
  • galaxyfightergalaxyfighter Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2014
    this new update is ridiculous what is this game coming to things that should be isn't and things that shouldn't are go figure. by the way this is a war a fire should be easy to put out I not in sands or fire yet grrrr
    galaxyfighter @ usa 1
  • Vinny4 (NL1)Vinny4 (NL1) Posts: 5
    edited 18.11.2014
    why do you need resources from other kingdoms to put out fires???
    you can explain why you need wood en stone to repair ( because it was used to build it) in what way does oil help to put out fires????? Last time i checked, putting oil on fire didn't put it out.... try to keep it a bit realistic.

    Then why do players below level 70 need the resources for the old buildings, doesnt make any sense, because yet again they will be in an disadvantage towards players who have been playing longer and thus didnt need the resources.

    Then my last negative point is the amount of resources lost for sending it to an other kingdom is waaaaay to high!
    i thought it was gonna be 50% and thought that was still a lot because it take a lot of time producing them..
    What's ur point here? to make this ur last update.. so people even won't be able to reach a high level legend before they die...

    If you would change these 3 points , you could have an amazing update on ur hands..

    Vinny4 @ nl 1
  • King von BergKing von Berg Posts: 44
    edited 18.11.2014
    GGE, very good update and at the same time a very bad one. In the fire peaks, upgrading my glass furnace to lvl 5 costs 3k glass... How the heck am i supposed to get that glass when i am barely producing any!?!?!? Also, some of my ouposts are burning and you are telling me i have to spend coal and oil to repair?!?!?!? I barely make any of it as it is, and sending it to my main castle takes 2/3s of it away!!!! This is crazy and i know that many people will quit the game because of this. The other kingdom resources should be for the legendary members, not us lower levels!
    King von Berg @ WWW 1
  • Hoefer2Hoefer2 Posts: 4
    edited 18.11.2014
    this is by far the worst update I have seen from gge yet!! I have played the game for about 2 years and I have seen good updates and bad, but by far this is the most worthless update ever. why would anyone want to continue playing this game when you cant build or repair your castles without shipping in resources from all other worlds at a huge % drop? why would anyone want to continue having wars when you know if you are attacked you probably wont have the glass and charcoal at your castles to even repair them? why would anyone want to spend a ton of rubies to not even benefit themselves in war, but to have to buy charcoal and glass and oil and whatever just to build and repair? come on gge even you guys must realize that just once you should look at an update that you think will boost ruby sales and then realize all it will do is drive players away from the game. your short sighted greed will ultimately drive away mid range ruby buying players and reduce your ruby sales if this is what you want in the future keep this worthless update in tact, if not try going back to the drawing board actually putting a decent amount of thought into something not just the thought of lining your pockets and come up with something better. greed will be the end of this game and it is well on its way.
    Hoefer @ usa 1
  • jmperrinjmperrin Posts: 13
    edited 18.11.2014
    jsut reading back through other posts, special reources needed to put out fires?????????????????/


    so few players are gunna have the coin/time/rubys to actually accomplish putting out fires this way

    jmperrin @ usa 1
  • Timoteus (SKN1)Timoteus (SKN1) Posts: 2
    edited 18.11.2014
    not good upday
    Timoteus @ skn 1
  • Matt28WarriorMatt28Warrior Posts: 47
    edited 18.11.2014
    This probably wont get read, by GGE but I'll post it anyway.
    This update, although many are criticizing it, and rightly so, is not to bad. The legendary levels and the new building will add a new dimension to the game. I have several problems with it however.
    The ability to trade commodities and ship between kingdoms is an interesting twist and for the legendary buildings I believe more than just common resources should be required to build. Therefore the new farmhouses new windmill and the such should require other kingdoms commodities. HOWEVER, GGE please do not require coal, oil, glass to build the normal building, not unlocked with the legendary lv. Im sorry to say, some updates have been bad but if this stays its complete horse crap. Everyone hates it. Ruby players, old, new players, everyone hates it. Please listen to your players and remove this horrible "feature."
    If you fix that the fire issue will be fixed. I really do think its a good update it just has a few kinks that need to be ironed out..

    KON Forever
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