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The Alchemist

ManiachistManiachist Posts: 32

Has the alchemist been removed from the game? Haven't seen him for ages. There are lots of achievement points that are tied up with potions directly and indirectly (the max wood/stone one for example).

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  • Urúvion (US1)Urúvion (US1) Posts: 13,858
    edited 18.11.2014
    Yeah, really missing the Alchemist. . . . .
  • Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
    edited 18.11.2014
    We all are. Did he mix the wrong ingredients and one of his concoctions go boom? If so, can we send him a get well card? :D
  • Raymondmay11 (US1)Raymondmay11 (US1) Posts: 18,376
    edited 18.11.2014
    The alchemist is still here. I saw him around 3 months ago.

    I think he decided to go somewhere.......
  • ManiachistManiachist Posts: 32
    edited 18.11.2014
    3 months is a long time for an event to not come around. Would be good to get a response from a mod on this one.
  • Urúvion (US1)Urúvion (US1) Posts: 13,858
    edited 18.11.2014
    Maybe he and the barterer ran away together. 8|
  • edited 18.11.2014
    The alchemist and the barterer are protesting the new charcoal and glass requirements... BUTT they are very happy to use the olive oil... too bad GGE did not send the players a jar of olive oil when they did this new upgrade...

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