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DanSwayerDanSwayer Posts: 2
i being a non-ruby player, but won against a powerfull demons army, (:( but lost most of hard-earned troops). got huge glory^^...
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  • Urúvion (US1)Urúvion (US1) Posts: 13,858
    edited 17.11.2014
    Nice job, care to share the battle report?
  • millwall97 (GB1)millwall97 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,514
    edited 17.11.2014
    would love to see that report, nothing better than that feeling of beating a ruby bought army ;)
  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 17.11.2014
    I once defended against 200 horrors losing about 250
  • Cho Gath (GB1)Cho Gath (GB1) Posts: 670
    edited 17.11.2014
    millwall97 wrote: »
    would love to see that report, nothing better than that feeling of beating a ruby bought army ;)

    True :) Possibility of getting units by buying them with rubies makes game very unfair and creates big diffrence between ruby and non-ruby buyers.So ruby buyer on level 30 can easily defeat non ruby buyer on much higher level(and much more expiriencd player) if he buy super comm and heavy attacking troops such as DHs.
    Also I think its unfair that only way to get DHs (strongest attacking units in game till few months ago) is if you buy them or end up in top 1-5 places on some events.

    I sow player on lvl ~50 with 90r comm with 120 wall red. and few other good bonuses (super comm in progress).Before players had to work hard for comm like that but now all you need to do is take out your credit card...

    O by the way nice one DanSwayer :)
  • nathan372nathan372 Posts: 466
    edited 17.11.2014
    Its funny killing off a ruby army. Its really funny when people with big ruby armies dont know how to use them.
  • Colpin Cathar (US1)Colpin Cathar (US1) Posts: 195
    edited 18.11.2014
    True. But then there is the other end of the spectrum. It is down right painful when you run into someone who can match your defending army in numbers with a ruby bought army and they can launch it at your still developing castle in Fire Peaks... That is down right brutal. But still, with the right combos, I have had some of the same experiences of defeating an army of horrors. The funny thing about it is that is how I got so proficient at defending. Someone gets a bug in their pants that they can beat you with a ruby army once, in a day or so, they will send it again and again till your defenses hold and you can wipe them out. Then they start to think twice about their strategy. Anyways, good job Dan.
  • Cho Gath (GB1)Cho Gath (GB1) Posts: 670
    edited 21.11.2014
    HakHat wrote: »

    yes its nice when you have a ruby army


    and you visit someone and fk sheet up :D

    Well I wouldn`t call this a ruby army actually.You may got an offer for them and bought them with rubies but those units can be easily acquired in Storm.Only that really something non ruby buyer probably cant afford are armourer tools but thats diffrent story...

    Still nice attack and report too :) Only whats up with so many melee on front? Educate me LOL.

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