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How can i remove my castle in everwinter glacier? I dont want it

Suplo (GB1)Suplo (GB1) Posts: 3
edited 11.10.2014 in Players ask Players
I don want to build a caste in the everwinter glacier and people keep on attacking me:(
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Suplo @ en 1


  • The NibirUThe NibirU Posts: 110
    edited 10.10.2014
    You can't! But don't worry, everyone is moaning about it being useless and impossible to do this and that. It is not. You just need a bit of patience. Once you build it bit by bit it will pay off big time.
    Nibs @ en 1
  • Lord MidniteLord Midnite Posts: 2
    edited 11.10.2014
    How do I move my castle in Everwinter to a new and/or better location.
    Lord Midnite @ usa 1
  • TarnagusTarnagus Posts: 13
    edited 11.10.2014
    You do not. Unlike in Green, you are not able to move your castle closer to your allies. Yes, it sucks. But there it is. Concentrate on attaining villages and you will be fine.
    Tarnagus @ usa 1
  • Suplo (GB1)Suplo (GB1) Posts: 3
    edited 11.10.2014
    Thanks guys :D
    Suplo @ en 1
  • The Emperor AmeThe Emperor Ame Posts: 1
    edited 11.10.2014
    where i can find villager in ever winter glacier ?
    The Emperor Ame @ usa 1
  • shifty51008shifty51008 Posts: 135
    edited 11.10.2014
    where i can find villager in ever winter glacier ?
    good luck, they get snatched up quick but look around the edges of the map and after 30 hours of searching you may find one lol.

    just make sure you can capture it quick before someone else beats you to it.

    the other way to get them which I don't suggest doing is take it from someone else, but be warned you will most likely be attacked back if you do that
  • buddumer (US1)buddumer (US1) US1 Posts: 146
    edited 11.10.2014
    you need to open the village next to you and get the wolves they are the fastest way to ge rv,s along with a fast commander
    buddumer @ usa 1

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